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== Cast & Crew Directorial Impressions ==

Discover, in glorious widescreen technicolor, what the cast and crew thought about their beloved director. As can be seen from the interview, he can be quite imposing, but we assure you - not one of the staff members shown here was in the least affected by it. Really. Well, mostly.


Heehee... pretty funny. Watch out for those evil leprechauns, man. --Yes, this is DG, only I'm at the library

Well, in my opinion, Mr. Seethroo took some very artistic choices, and did a great job of following through with them. He's shown quite a bit of talent in the past, but in this production, he really to have broke away from his previous styles. I hope we see more of this kind of thing from him in the future.
-Brothers E, Lighting Designer
I just read the Ages section of the Wiki, and now I know why you don't have the clearance to Area 51! Until a few minutes ago, I thought H*R appealed mostly to my generation, but I realize now that this Wiki is fill of 10 year olds! Not that you're a 10-year old, but you are what us ancients call an "80's baby." Do you know what a "Sweet Pickles Bus" is? You rock, kiddo! --Buz
In your interview, The Reporter said it was his first interview even though The Reporter belongs to Jweb Guru. How does that happen? -Shopiom
If you go on Jweb Guru's The Reporter comments, AgentSeethroo talks about a heavy lourde jacking up the reporter's brain. - Homestar-RUN!
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