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[Strong Bad] doesn't win, but I think he deserves to for being so good at cheating! I hope this cartoon comes back, I miss it so. :(

It says on the FAQ that they will put this toon up and Marshmallow's Last Stand on the site. Im not sure if they really are but... hehehomestar

In case anyone would like to see the cartoon in an html document as if it were still on the site, I made a perfect [mirror] (except for the pop-up... sorry but hosting has a price) -TheBigKnife

There already is a mirror for it. Check the 'watch it' link. The more we have up, however, the better. -War129

I meant I made an html document which resembles those of the website =).

I am still confused as to why this was removed, since it has three cartoons before it that are still on the site. -CE5
Another mirror can be found [here] (no popups :))

Hey! Did anyone notice that when The Cheat gave the melonade to Homestar, that he stoped jump-jacking to drink it??
And why would the jumping jack contest be on the radio???? Good toon though.

-B Man