Umm...this is my page, I guess. I'm still pretty new to this wiki thing, so if I do something wrong or out of place, please tell me (nicely).

Stuff I like to do besides look at H*R 'toons:

Other things...My name is Audrey, I'm 15, live in Pennsylvania. My favorite bands/artists are Five Iron Frenzy, Relient K, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Delirious, Man Alive, Superchic[k], Jason Upton, Third Day...the list goes on...

I mainly write poetry and fiction, and I read all genres. Heh, I get wierd looks in the book store because I'll buy some 3 inch thick classical literature book and then get Calvin and Hobbes. Concerning TV shows, I like The Simpsons, Whose Line is it Anyway and Anime.

That covers some of the basics I guess. If you want to talk or something, my email is and my aim id is ringwraith eight.


Saddy Hawkins Dance, in my khaki pants, there's nothing better...O O O! If you like the crews you said you did, you should check out Papa San, and his CD 'God and i'. I like Step Pon Di Enemy. But the CD's in Jamaican, so you need to look at the Jamaican glossary that comes with it in the lyrics book. Don't ever be afraid to talk, Cause life weh yuh live will determine yuh walk, Through di valley of shadow mi pass an' just step pon di enemy. Satan nuh penny mi. Don't ever be afraid to dance, Deep down inna yuh heart man a dat yuh want, suh di son of perdition nuh stan' nuh chance, step pon di enemy, step pon di enemy.