i'm pat. i make blimpage.


Who are you? Is this a userspace? -Ingiald

Yes, it is a UserSpace. You can check the document history of this very page to see that it was created by a user with a DNS address of "c211-28-218-69.chirn1.vic.optusnet.com.au" and the username "pat". "Pat" is a common abbreviation for names such as "Patrick" and "Patrica". I'm curious as to why you would ask such questions, Ingiald. I'm also curious as to why you chose this UserSpace to ask your questions... -- Tom

I was asking if this was a userspace because it's so empty. -Ingiald

Okay, I apologize, Ingiald. I'll try to ask better questions, and I'll ask one question at a time. How did you come upon this UserSpace? -- Tom