Yo. My screenname is jw20X6, and my favorite sbemail is car; it inspired me to "pimp my hat" as those young folk like to say. Another one of my favorites is replacement; I signed up to be Strong Bad's replacement on "Strong Badian Idol", but I was deemed "the worst replacement ever" along with the three hundred and fifty other people who could only come up with "crapface" for making fun of names.

I've liked Homestar Runner for around two years. I've watched every e-mail known to each Homestarites and extremely intelligent monkeys. I mean, who knew Dennis had thumbs. C'mon. A monkey can't move a mouse. And a whale can't fly. I tried that once. Yeah, good times . . . poor Wallis . . . he never got to see is brother Willy in the open sea . . .

Anydangways, I'm a big fan of www.homestarrunner.egg. I start off each day with a helpful meal of Cheat Commandos-os; gotta love that high dextrose goodness! And all that other stuff they put into it . . . you know . . . uh . . . wheat . . . sucrose . . . sugar . . . I think I'll mention sugar again . . . cheerios . . . yeah . . .

"We're going to blow up the ocean!"--No! Not Wallis! If you'd like to save Wallis, please come to my house with ten bucks . . . punch and pie.

Bring funny hat.


Hiya! Welcome to the Wiki! Hope you have a good time! ~ AgentSeethroo

Welcome to hrwiki.egg! Or is it .muffin? I'm pretty sure it's .bagel! -www.Shopiom.chocolate

I like your style, kid. Strange and rambling. It reminds me of a funny story. It all started in the spring of 1940. Of course, back then, spring was called "chicken pants" on account of there was a shortage of flour. And that was because of all the chicken pants. So it all started when I... *trails off* -An Old-timer Grapefruit

You got the punch and pie thing from the South Park movie, right?