This is TypoLand. Where it is illegal to backspace or correct your's or anyone else's puntuation or spelling. Ecxept for just then.

I am the mayor of this place Agentine.

I ho[pe people can understand this. I onlygot one thing wrong. Well, two things now.

Huh. It's kinda auto matic for mwe. Can you erase a mistake then put it back? -- JestersOfThe,oon

This is weally weird. - FireBird

I am going to tupe reajy fast and see what happenes.

So rhis it yypoland, huh> pretty neat if you ask me i think it is so cool because you cant';brase mistakesa nd sucha ads whats happening angent nine?nothing?cool. bye. - Fireboer

How much wood would a oodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? I am now writing the ntire contents of myself: ABCDEFG Hahaha I'm insane in the embrane JestersOfTheMoon

Tup[eing really fartst id funm;lkm!!bkmlb

cesaiourerfauioaerh2 -Nolsn93