Everybody hates the King of Town. People throw food at him. One day he saw an ad for the Loser Contest. He decided he'd enter. He trained for days and days, drinking lots of Butter-Da. On the way to the contest, another competitor, Strong Sad said, "I'm the BIGGEST loser. I'm gonna win." The contestants were Strong Sad, Homsar, The King of town, The Kaiser and some other guy.

The Rules
  1. No biting
  2. Try to act like the biggest loser
  3. Be competitive

And the contest began. They were supposed to sing "the Barney song" and stand on one leg. Homsar couldn't remember the words. That other guy failed too. The King of Town knew something was up. He looked around and SAW STRONG SAD AND THE KAISER CHEATING!!! So he turned them in and won.

The End!

The KOT:How'd you like the story I wrote?
The Poopsmith:(holds up sign) IT SUCKED!

Lovely. Perfect words. -- FireBird