The Fellowship of the Star

written by FireBird


Chapter One- A long anticipated party

"Fwilthy wittle red-shirt. We hates it, we does. He stole our presciouss, he did, we hates its. We ought to ring its filthy neck!" Zolloum, the hiddeous little creature who crawled around on fours, twisted his hands in the movement of choking someone. Zolloum used to own a star, a very powerfull star, one that corrupted him from being a red-shirt to a creature that crawls around in the middle of the hills of Mymn-Eul. "It's ares, its its. Ours. Our presciouss, its gone!" He screamed a squel that peirced the silence of Mymn-Eul, squirming around on his boney back.

It was The King of Towns birthday. He was the race of red-shirt, blessed with long life. A party was to be set up in his honor. Invitations were sent out, and soon there were carradges coming, driven by horses, to the feilds of The Quire. Tents were set up along with tables and chairs. And the stage where, rumored, The KOT was to make a speech that no one was to forget. Everybody was anticipating the party.

The King of Town sat in his chair, his feet proped up by the fireplace, drinking Butter-Da. The party was that night.

The tents were set, along with the tables and chairs. All the lights were lit, the band playing a merry tune, people singing. It was a joyfull time.
Coach Z and Bubs were having the best, though. Drinks and food all around, music, lights.
They looked over at the KOT, stuffing himself with food and drinks. Hundreds of people were there.
Strong Sad rode in on his horse, carrying a cart filled with fireworks for the party.
Coach Z saw him, and grabbed Bubs arm. As Strong Sad stepped off the horse, they crawled in the cart.
"Get the biggest one. Trust me. I know these things," Bubs said, picking up and throwing firecrackers back over his shoulder.
"I fourd it. I fourd the biggest one!" Coach Z picked up a gigantic firecracker. Bubs pulled out his matches and lit one.
He lit the tip of the string and watched it fizzile. Then they crawled out of the cart, but to late. The rocket shot up with a blast, blackening Coach Z's and Bubs's faces.
The rocket lit the night sky as it whistled it's way through the air. It soared down over the crowd, and everybody ducked. It then shot back in the air and exploded into a giant flaming dragon that soared through the sky untill it exploded into little pieces.
Everybody clapped and the music started again. Homestar was having a merry feist, laughing and dancing.
The KOT motioned the music to stop playing and to come off the stage.
"Ey, what's going on down there?" came a voice from the crowd. Everybody mumbled as the KOT struggled onto the stage.
"Excuse me! Excuse me! I have come to proclaim an announcment! Excuse me! As you all know, this is my eleventy-first birthday," cheers came from the crowd , "and as you also know, this is a very merry feast, that I hope you enjoy," more cheers, "but, I have a couple of announcments to say. First, I will be selling my home, Sack-Start. My good nephew, Homestar, has the deed. Please see him for anything concerning that."
Everybody looked around in bewilderment. Small mumbles were scattered arcross the crowd. "And Second, I am going to quit my adventures. I am beginning to be an old, fat man and I need to calm down. So I am leaving Hobton. I don't know where I am going, probably find some place in Creekindale. So, this is none-the-less my going away party as well. So, fellow Hobtons, I bid you... ... FAREWELL!
He stepped over the first step and was gone.

Gasps went over the crowd. After everybody caught their breath, talk broke out.
"Yeah, good ridance to ya!"
"Oh, my!"
"Where did he go?"
As for the KOT, footprints were left in the mud. The door opened to Sack-Star alone and shut. The KOT appeared inside. He walked over to his Butter-Da pot, sitting over the fire, and drank some.
"Think you can get away that easy?" asked Strong Sad, coming around a corner.
The King of Town jumped in surprise.
"Well, I do. So far only you have caught me." He peeled the star that was placed on his back down on the foot stool.
"But, I am going to leave Hobton. That was true. I am going to pack my things right now. Probably go to Creekindale."
"Why so... unexpectantly? Why did you have to do your star thing?"
"Because, Hobton needs something to talk about."
He finished packing and flung the stick over his shoulder.
"So your gone for good?"
"Untill I decide that it is time for me to come back. I really must be going."
"I think you should give the star to Homestar."
The King of Town stopped and turned around.
"Why should I give the star to Homestar?"
"You've had it to long. It needs to go to Homestar."
"But...but it's mine."
"KOT, it needs to-"
The King of Towns face suddenly turned evil. His eyes bigger, he had more wrinkles, his hair tangled and his tounge hung out.
"KOT! Take hold of yourself!" Strong Sad yelled.
The KOT looked up at Strong Sad, and dropped the star.
"What... what has become of me? Your right! The star needs to stay here. Put it in a package-envelope. I must go, before it overpoweres me again!" The King of Town picked up his stuff by the stick. He drank some Butter-Da, and left. Strong Sad heard faint whistling in the woods.
The door to Sack-Start oppened, and Homestar looked at Strong Sad, who was looking at the package-envelope with deep concentration, blowing smoke rings from his pot.

Chapter 2- Dark Beginings

"Hey, Stwong Sad, what's that," Strong Sad turned quickly torwards Homestar. He laid the package-envelope down on the chair, "and where's the King of the Town?"
"He has left Hobton for a while.
"Ohhh... left town..."
"Sit down."
Homestar plopped down on the floor.
"I have returned from Mini Tirith. I studied and studied your uncles star."
"Is that what made him disapear?"
"Yes. He put it on his back. But anyway, I have returned form Mini Tirith from studying the star. Through papers and papers I looked untill I found it.
"A some 3000 years ago, Lord Ungurait created a star to rule all stars. One star to rule them. One star to find them. One star and in the darkness bind them. The star overpowered him, and he started casting his dark shadow upon middle-earth. He sent thousands of unguraits out over middle-earth, destroying anything in their path.
"At the last alliance of elves and men, people fought back Lord Unguraits army to the slopes of Mount Boom.
"One man named Is-ill-dur was in battle under Mount Boom, taking on five urguraits, when the dark Lord Ungurait came. He pushed Is-ill-dur to the ground. Is-ill-dur tried to grab his sword, but Lord Ungurait stomped on it, breaking it into peices. Is-ill-dur looked at the sword handle and the little bit of the blade left.
"He took up his sword and swung it across Lord Unguraits neck. Lord Ungurait's head fell in front of Is-ill-dur, smoke coming from under the spiked helmet.
"Then a blast as powerful as you can imagine threw Is-ill-dur against the mountain rock. Everybody fell from their feet as the blast swept the hill-side. Is-ill-dur picked up the dirt that covered the star. But his spirit did not fade. His spirit formed into a great eye on the tower of Durhad-Bur.
Elrod, who was in battle, told Is-ill-dur to come with him to Mount Boom to destroy the star in the one place in could be destroyed. In the middle of Mount Boom, Is-ill-dur held the star over the fire.
'Is-ill-dur! Destroy it! Destroy the star! Is-ill-dur!'
'No. It's mine.' And with that he walked past Elrod.
"Zollum soon found the star in the river of the Anduin. He took the star and left to his caves, and there is where the KOT found it. He used to be a red-shirt."
"Zollum? The one in all The KOT's storys? That hideous little creature!?" asked Homestar
"A Red-Shirt?!"
"Yes, but that's not the point. The star corrupted him into the hiddeous creature. Homestar, this task has been apointed to you. You must destroy the star in Mount Boom, in the center of Lord Unguraits dark kingdom, DorMor."
"What? No! Uh...No! You take it! TAKE IT!"
A dark shadow seemed to loom across the room and it seemed Strong Sad grew taller.
"DON'T TEMPT ME, HOMESTAR! This task is yours and yours only! The star has come to you. You must destroy it. It is your task."
"Ohh... whatever Mr. Stwong Sad."
The shadow darkened and Strong Sad shortened.
"Lord Ungurait needs that star back. Don't let any servants of his get it, nor see that you have it.
Strong Sad quickly looked to the open window. There was a thin line of orange sticking over.

Strong Sad looked out the window at PomPom. He had a struggle getting him in, but he finally plopped him in through the window.
"What have you heard?"
"Well, something about a star, and a ungurait and something about destro-" bubbled PomPom, being interupted by Strong Sad.
"You've heard enough already. Homestar, you'll need a companion. That person is apparently PomPom. You will set out in the morning. As for me, I need more information. If I am not back in two days, flee out of The Shire, for servants of Lord Ungurait are already on their way out from the black hills or DorMor."

With that Strong Sad lept onto his horse and galloped away, his tall, grey hat waving behind him.
Homestar looked at PomPom.
"You can go home now, PomPom. Your still my man. My dawg. My ace in the hole. Second Place."
"What?" Blubbed PomPom.
"Oh, just go, tupid."
PomPom left in a rush. The next day, Homestar actioned off the KOT's deed.
The day afterwards, Strong Sad wasn't back. So he and PomPom packed their things, and in the early morning, left. Homestar kept his star on his shirt. He was instructed by Strong Sad to never put it on his back no matter what.
They walked down the path, walking (and bouncing) on their own shadows.

PomPom stopped suddenly in and old wheat feild.
"PomPom, what's wong?" Homestar asked.
"This is the farthest I'll ever be from Hobton," he blubbed.
"Oh come on, tupid. It's not that big of a deal."
So they went along. They came to a tall, deep cornfeild about ten minutes later.
"Do we go in?" blubbed PomPom.
"I guess we do!"
So, they went along.
Suddenly a green figure bumped into PomPom, bouncing him down to the ground. There was no path through the corn, so Homestar and PomPom had no idea where they were going, and whatever this thing was, it apparently didn't know where it was going either.
"What the-" blubbed PomPom, cut short by the thing.
"Help me up! Help me up!"
So PomPom did.
Then suddenly an orange thing rammed into Homestar and they both fell to the ground. They were both carrying baskets of fruit.
A voice yelled in the distance, "Come back here you lazy, good for nothing, slobs!" The orange thing and the green thing looked at each other in worry.
"Help us get away! I'm Bubs, he's Coach Z," said the orange guy.
"We stor some frourt form Former Maggot! Help us get away!" said Coach Z.
"Okay!" Homestar said, and they all ran in different dirrections, untill they all suddenly lost balance and rolled out of the corn and down a hill. Leaves brushed over them all.
"I'm Homestar!"
"I'm PomPom!"
"We're going on a mission! Wer-" He was inturupted by PomPom.
"Going to, to, uh... The Gree!" he blubbed.
"Can we come?" asked Coach Z.
"Yeah, can we come? I know how to whip up some goooood pipe-wheat." said Bubs. He had a deep, scratchy voice.
"Sure!" Homestar said.
And so they all went off, traveling to The Gree, but to get there, they had to travel through the Old Forest.

A Black Rider appeared in the Quire.
"No, Homestar ain't here. Left a' couple a' days ago."
"Where did he go?" the Rider asked in a deep, misty voice.
"I'm not at liberty to say that," said Farmer Pom.
The Rider grabbed him by the neck.
"They went t-to the O-O-ld Fore-st."
The Rider threw the old man to the ground and galloped off.

Homestar, PomPom, Bubs and Coach Z looked up at the tall, dark trees and the long, black, leaning branches looming over them.
"Well, seems safe to me!" said Homestar and walked off.
Coach Z and Bubs reluctantly followed the leader.
PomPom stayed back, looking at the tall trees. He then bounced off following the slow moving group down the dark path into the Old Forest.

"This sure is a misty place," blubbled PomPom.
"Yeah, and it sure is creepy," Homestar said.
They walked along in silence for a long, long time, untill Homestar forgot about Strong Sad.
"Hey! PomPom! I wonder what happened to Strong Sad?"
"Strong Sad? Boy, he sure don't like us. He thinks were trouble-makers," said Bubs.
"You set off the firework, didn't you?" asked PomPom.
"Now lets not get into who lit what, who blew up who..." said Bubs.
"You set it off didn't you?" asked PomPom, smiling.
"Yes, ok! Can we change the subject. It's not like were playing '20 Questions' here. Dag!"
They all laughed, then walked in silence for another long time.

They seemed to hear faint galloping from behind them. They all looked back at an empty path, but then it seemed that a black figure was slowly moving torwards them.
They soon realized it was moving quite fast.
"Get down!" Homestar yelled, and they all ran to the same side of the path. They looked around for somewhere to hide.
"In the tree rourts!" yelled Coach Z, and they all hid under the tree trunks, that formed some sort of roof.
The galloping stopped over them. They heard a big stomp on the ground, then faint walking.
Homestar looked at his star and peeled it off the front of his shirt.
"No! No Mr. Homestar! Don't put it on!" whispered PomPom.
Then a hand appeared on the top root, and a head that was covered in a black hood appeared over. His face was covered by shade.
He looked from side to side, then shot up and jumped on his horse. Once they were sure he was gone, they took off down the side of the hill.

Later on, after traveling through the forest, they got back on the path.
"What was dat?" asked Homestar.
"I don't know, but it couldn't be good," blubbed PomPom.
"I say it was lookin to buy somethin from me!" yelled Bubs.
"Who would want to buy somethin form you?" asked Coach Z, laughing.
"I think that rider will come back. We should keep a look out," PomPom blubbed.
"Oh, PomPom, your making throwing a star into a fwaming volcano gaurded by a eye who wants this staw millions of miles away seem hard!" Homestar said.
"Well, personally I think i-" Homestar inturupted him.
PomPom sighed and bounced along. He had the weirdest fealing something was going to happen that night, but he just could put his bubble on it. Homestar anxiously wanted Strong Sad. Coach Z didn't care about anything, and Bubs couldn't stop thinking about the line at his consecion stand.

"Strong Sad! How are you?" asked 20X6 Homestar, walking up to Strong Sad with his staff.
"Fine, just fine, I guess," said Strong Sad ,"how are you?"
"I'm great!"
"You...wanted to see me?"
"Oh, yes. Come, follow me into Organic!"
Strong Sad stared up at the enourmous tower, Organic. Around it was a gigantic ring of solid rock, surrounded by a wall of rock. They walked into the ring and up the tower. Inside the room was carved in solid black marble with markings on the walls. Enourmous windows gleaming with crystals. A small marble cylinder with a big, black ball on top was standing in the middle of the room.
"Walk this way, man," said 20X6.
They did. 20X6 hovered his hands over the ball. He was a wizard, like Strong Sad.
"So, Strong Sad. How have you been?"
"What do you want?"
"What do I want? I want alot of things, Strong Sad. I want power, man. I want riches. I want to have a new space-ship at the snap of my fingers. Thats what I want.
"Why do you want me ?"
"I want you to join me."
"Join me. Think of what we could rule. Think of the power. Two wizards and one star of power. We could rule middle-earth! All the power! All the slaves! What do you say?"
Strong Sad looked at him.
"What say you!?"
"No. I would never do that."
"But the power!"
"I said No."
20X6 frowned.
"Why? Just tell me why."
"Because I would never do something like that. I don't know whats come over you. I'm leaving. This is useless. I would never do anything like that."
20X6 seemed to grow taller and darker as Strong Sad walked to leave. A shadow was cast upon the room.
Strong Sad suddenly flew into the marble. He seemed to be floating against it. Then he flew into the other side.
"I don't need you for power!" 20X6 laughed.
Strong Sad flew to the ground, blood trickling down his forhead.
"You've made a powerfull enemy today." 20X6 said, and an evil laugh came from his mouth. Strong Sad then flew up, very fast, spinning in a circle up to the glass top of Organic.

Homestar couldn't get to sleep. They had made camp off of the path in the wilderness. He knew the storys of the Old Forest. He knew this Black Rider was looking for him. He knew it was a servant of Lord Ungurait, the giant eye. They had to get the the Ferry. They had to get across the river. Then he got up.
"Wake up. We've got to get the fewwy. Wake up!"
They twist and turned.
"Wake up!"
They started to get up untill Homestar heard very faint, almost non-hearable, hooves trampling across the ground.
"More are coming!"

They got up and ran down the path in the middle of the night. And then, behind them, around the corner of the path, came nine Black Riders, galloping through the puddles of water and dew.
"Oh, I'm gonna get janked!" yelled Coach Z.
Suddenly Homestar felt a great weight on his stomach, and slowly started lagging behind.
"Oh, dag, their catching up! Run!" yelled Bubs.
They could see the ferry up in front of them.
"Faster, Faster!" blubbled PomPom.
Homestar kept going slower. He clutched his chest as he ran with as big a pace as he could. He stared at the ground while running, not looking back, nor forwards.
Just keep wunning, just keep wunning, he thought.
He looked up. He was pretty far behind, now. Then he looked back. The riders were in three arms length. His eyes grew big and started to shine. His face went as pale as his normall face. He ran. Clutching the star, he jumpped in the air.
"Come on, make it!" yelled Coach Z, already on the ferry.
Then Homestar landed on the edge of the ferry, creating a splash. He looked back at the riders, pulling back their horses, and galloping away. His star was still getting slowly heavier. Homestar laid his head down on the ferry, and waited for it to go across. He was relieved. He took one last look at the riders galloping away, and then laid his head back down.

Chapter 3 - The Quest Beggins

They slowly made their way across the river. Coach looked down at the water brushing up against the boat, making ripples in the water. He still wasn't quite sure what those riders were, but they scared the janks out of him. Suddenly there was a thud and everybody bounced back. They had hit the bank.
They all jumped off. They were supposed to push back the ferry, but they decided not to. The sun was just a thin strip of orange above the horizon. They were starting to see the forest come alive.
"Were almost to Gree!" blubbled PomPom.
"Yeah, I can't wait to have my pipe-weed," Bubs said ," Gooooooooood stuff, goooooooooood stuff."
"I cant wait to get to the "Golden Dragon!" yelled Coach.
"We gotta make it through the forest first!" Homestar said.
They all walked along as the sun slowly rose before them.

They finally walked out of the Old Forest. They walked along the path to Gree for about an hour.
"What are you gonna get, PomPom?" Homestar asked.
"Probably a drink and some of Bubs' pipe-weed," he replied.
"Yeah, you better get some," Bubs told him, "but I expect a five dollar bill in exchange."
Nobody said anything untill they all broke out laughing.

"Look! There's Gree!" yelled Bubs, and they all ran down the hill towards the town.
Then Coach Z tripped on Bubs, who fell and rolled into Homestar, who caught onto PomPom. They all bounced down the hill until they crashed into a vegtable cart. It fell over, breaking boards off. Everything rolled out.
"Well I never !" yelled a little old lady, sweeping her porch.
"Sorry! Sorry!" yelled Hometar.
"Lets just go," PomPom blubbled.
They all walked over towards the Golden Dragon. They walked in, set down on the stools and waited. A bartender walked in and leaned on the counter.
"What'll it be, boys?" he asked.
"I'll have... a million pounds of candy. A million pounds!" said Homestar.
"Uhh... we don't sell candy here. What else would you like?"
"In that case... I'll have a drink. The one with the little pieces of candy floating on top. You know, Candy-Brew?"
"That drink dosn't exist, sir. I think you made it up in your imagination. And we don't sell candy."
"Oh, then I'll just have some candy."
"Sir, we don-" he began, but then looked at PomPom. He was moving his hand back and forth across his neck.
"Ok, I'll put you down for some candy."
"Oh! Make that a Candy-Brew. You know, the one with the little pieces of candy floating on top?"
"Got it. And you, sir?" he tilted his head towards Bubs.
"I'll just have a pint of your finest beer," he said.
The bartender wrote that down.
"And you?" he looked at PomPom.
"And you?"
"Urggh... I'll tork a 'Jorb wore dorn bor'," Coach Z said.
"I said I'll tork a 'Jorb wore dorn bor'."
"He'll have a 'Job Well Done Beer'," PomPom said, "You know, the celebration beer. For partys."
"Got it," he said and turned around.
They all turned their stools and looked around. The place was nearly empty- only a couple of people in for their morning drink.
The whole inside of the building was pine wood. It was fairly large, with a big colloum in the middle. Booths lined the walls, and their was tables in the middle. Inside the counter was a big beer barrel where the bartender was pouring their drinks. Everything but the fireplace was wood, which was stone. Two old men were playing checkers by it.
"Are you sure you didn't flip the board?" one man asked.
"Oh, I'm sure. Oop! You dropped your piece again," the other one said, chuckling.
The old man looked under the table.
"Here are your drinks, boys," said the bartender.
He placed them infront of them. Everybody but Homestar picked up their drinks and drank, since Homestar didn't have one. He just sat their.
PomPom, Coach Z and Bubs all gulped down their drinks and slammed them down on the table.
"Another round, please," said Bubs.
"Okay, boys."
He poured them another round. They all drank it at the same time, again.
"Thanks. That was good," PomPom said, "how much will it be?"
"Ughh... five gold coins."
"I'll pay the tab, guys," PomPom said as he plopped out his wallet. He opened it up, and placed five coins on the counter.
The bartender counted them and said, "Have a nice day, boys."
"You, too," Homestar said.
They all hopped off their seats and walked towards the door. They opened it and left.

Walking along the street, they realized it was already about 1:00. So, they looked around for somewhere to eat, untill a voice called to them.
"Hey! You! Come 'ere!" it yelled.
Homestar looked at everybody, then shruged his shoulders. He skipped over to the man.
"You Mr. Overhill?"
"Yep! That's me!" Homestar replied. He was instructed by Strong Sad to never use Homestars real name, but use Mr. Overhill instead.
"Strong Sad rode by a couple of days ago. He said you needed to stay with me tonight. But you need to leave in the morning, as soon as possible. I'm the inkeeper. Just call me the inkeeper. I have a nice little hotel here. I'll get you the best room possible. Come on in, have a drink!"
"We just had one, but we could use some lunch!"
"We've got lunch too! Come on in!"
They all followed him in.
The room was a crowded as a... crowded place. Beer mugs smashing, glass breaking, fights breaking out, everything. They went and sat on the stools by the counter.
"WE DON'T SERVE CANDY!" yelled the waiter.
"A GRILLED, TURKEY, SANDWHICH!" Homestar yelled slowly.
"What? I can't understand you."
"A TURKEY SANDWHICH!!!" they all yelled together.
The room went silent.
"You want that sandwhich grilled or plain ?"
"Comin' right up!"
The fighting and smashing started again.

They ate a grilled turkey sandwhich, then they left in a hurry. They spent the day around the small town, talking to people, playing games, until it was almost to dark to see. They opened the door to the hotel and the usual ramblings were going on.
Coach Z and Bubs went to get a drink, and Homestar and PomPom just walked around.
"Homestar, I gotta' go use the bubbles room. Be right back," PomPom said and bounced off.
Homestar walked around and looked at everything.
"Hey, kid, come ere'!" came a voice from a table.
"Yeah?" Homestar asked?
"Can you dance?"
PomPom opened the door to see Homestar dancing to an Irish tune on a table, kicking beer bottles everywhere.
"Homest- I mean, Mr. Underhill! What are you doing?" PomPom blubbled.
"Well I'm bweak-dancing, of course!" Homestar replied.
A man sitting in the corner seemed to be eyeing him. He was covered by a shadow, though he seemed to have a hint of red.
Homestar slipped on a piece of glass and flew into the air. He landed on his stomach on the table. Mugs smashed everywhere and the table broke. But then the star landed on his back and he was gone.

Gasps. Then chatter. Then yelling.
"Where'd the lad go?"
"Rip off! You big morons! I oughta-"
"What' the meaning of this?"
"Quiet! Quiet! QUIET!" ,yelled the inkeeper, "now, apparently, he done R-U-N-N-O-F-T as fast as he could. Now if-"
Yelling and screaming interupted him.
Homestar crawled across the floor, and sat in a chair beside the man, though he didn't notice him. He took of his star and slapped it on his stomach.
"Why, here I am!" he yelled.
Everybody cheered.
"Come on, do another round!" came a voice from the crowd.
PomPom couldn't belive it.
"No, no, no. I don't think I'm up for it.
"Sowwy! But I'm not up for it!"
Everybody went back to their business.
"I know how you did that, Mr. Underhill, if that is your real name," said the man.
"WAUUGH!" yelled Homestar, "where did you come from?!?"
"I've been sitting here for the past fifteen freakin' minutes!" yelled the man.
"Well, you don't have to be wude."
"My name is Strong Bad. I know your name is not Mr. Underhill, but, since I know you won't tell me your real name, I will just call you Underhill," said Strong Bad. He had an aquard face. He wore a red mask with a blue diamond in the middle. Green eyes, rectangular mouth, and grey lines leading down to the middle of his eyes. He only wore black pants, besides the big red bocking gloves.
"I know how you disapeared, also. It was the star."
"Yes, how did you know?" asked Homestar.
"I know all about the Dark Lord and his shadow creeping over the land of Middle-Earth. What I don't know is why you have his freakin' star."
They sat and talked for a while, but Homestar never told him his mission to destroy the star.
"I need you to help me. I can't tell you why, but I need you. I can't do it alone."
"Strong Sad sent you?"
"Yes. I will help you. But let's get some sleep, first. I'm freakin' tired."

The gatekeeper stood his post. It was about 10:00 and he had already closed the gate. He whistled, swaying back and forth. A couple of peoples lights were still on. He noticed the hotel lobby lights were still on, though no noise.
The crisp wind blew, and the gatekeepers hair blew to the left. He heard a creaking sound, probably the Golden Dragons sign swinging back and forth.
He then heard faint galloping.

"Strong Sad said to put you in the safest room. I have a feeling someone is looking for you or something like that. I have one room left, and I think we should put some decoys in it. What do you say?" asked the innkeeper.
Homestar looked at PomPom. Coach Z was with Bubs at the counter, having a last drink.
"Why not?" asked PomPom.
"Okay, we'll do it," said Homestar.
"I'll go set them up, then," the innkeeper said.
Coach Z or Bubs hadn't met Strong Bad yet, and Homestar thought the later the better.
After a while, the innkeeper came back.
"All ready."
"Gweat. Coach, Bubs!" Homestar yelled.
"Yorh?" yelled Coach Z back.
"We're weady to sweep now!"
They walked over to the innkeeper. He led them up the stairs into their room.
They got in their beds.
"I'll try to fool whoever is looking for you," said the inkeeper, "though I'm not posotive. I will definetly tell you when they are here. The room is on the opposite side of the hotel. You got your stuff ready, and you can just run out the door."
"Gweat!" Homestar said.
Strong Bad closed the curtains on the window.
"Good-night, evewybody!" said Homestar, peacefully.
" Hey, Homestar, do you really think this Strong Bad guy is safe? " whispered PomPom across the bed.
"He knows Stwong Sad, so, I am just going to wisk it. He seems safe." Homestar replied.
"What if he is working for the Black Riders?"
Homestar looked at Strong Bad. He wasn't asleep, just sitting on a stool in the corner.
"Once again, I'll just have to twust him. Good-night."
PomPom was still suspiscious, but he leaned over and tried to get himself under the covers.

The Black Rider rose his horse and knocked over the gate.
"Augh!" the gatekeeper yelled as the door crunched him under.
The Black Rider rode as fast as he could to the hotel, wind swooshing past his head. His black horsw was swift and steady as he rode to the hotel. They rode through the doors, knocking them down. He jumped off his horse and floated to the counter. The innkeeper had no idea the thing floated, rode a horse, or would have knocked over his door.
"Now you listen here, yo-" he began to say.
The Black Rider grabbed him.
"Where are the hobtons?" he asked.
"R-Room 32."
The Rider breathed heavily, and threw him against the cubbard. The innkeeper fell to the ground as the cubbard fell on top of him. Glass shattered all around the cabinet, and the innkeeper didn't move.
Homestar flew up in his bead.
"Did you hear that?" he asked quickly.
Everybody slowly got up. Strong Bad still was in the stool.
"There here," Homestar said.
The Rider slowly floated up the steps on the left side of the room, as the hobbits and Stong Bad went down the right steps.
"Go, quickly!" Strong Bad said. He waited till everyone was down untill he left.
The Rider knocked the door over to room 32. He got his sword out of it's cover and stabbed each of the people in the bed multiple times. He lifted the cover to see four pillows cut to shreds.

"Run! Run! Whats wrong with you? RUN!" yelled Stong Bad.
They all ran across Gree.
"Let us borrow your horse!" yelled Homestar.
"But it needs to be-"
"Thanks! Bye!" yelled PomPom.
They all jumped onto the horse, except for Coach Z.
"Get on!" yelled Strong Bad.
The horse started, and Coach Z grabbed onto a rope for dear life.
The rope pulled on the horse and it neighed , and it rose it's front legs.
Then is ran as fast as it could.
"Aughh! Help me orp!" Coach Z yelled.
Strong Bad dropped his hand.
"Grab on, stupid!" he yelled.
Coach Z lifted his hand and grabbed Strong Bads glove. He swung Coach Z in the air and he landed on the horse.
"Go to the left! The old forest!" Strong Bad yelled.
They all leaned to the left and the horse galloped into the Old Forest.
The Horse jumped and swerved , and it jumped over a small creek and stopped. They were all exhausted. The breathed heavily, and Coach Z leaned back and fell off. Strong Bad turned it around and looked. He couldn't see any sign of the rider.
"Well, that was quite a ride, if I do blubble so myself," PomPom blubbled, "I do wonder, though, what happened to the old innkeeper?"
"I hope he is safe," replied Homestar.
Strong Bad turned the horse around and made it walk.
"So, Mr. Strong Bad, is it?" asked PomPom.
"Oh, you know, just Strong Bad," he said.
"Your going to help us with our quest? Then again, I don't even know what the quest is," said Bubs.
"Yeah, Hurmstar, what is our querst?" asked Coach Z.
Homestar sighed.
"I'll tell you, but you can't tell, no matter what? Got that?"
Everybody nodded.
"Well... See this staw? This is the Dark Lord Unguraits star. It's evil, and if I put it on my back, I disapear. But Stwong Sad said to never do dat. But anyways, I must destroy the staw in a volcano thousands of miles away. And the Lord Ungurait is always watching. If he sees me, then I am doomed. Got it?"
They all stared at him.

They rode swiftly and didn't encounter any problems.
"So your destroying a star in a volcano in DorMor?" asked Bubs.
"Yep. Thats the total deal. The total deal," said Homestar.
They rode out of the Forest, jumping over a bush, and onto the path.
"Hey, hold on ther, Mr. Bad!" Coach Z started, "We're just poor Hobtons! Don't be making tho-"
"DUCK!" yelled Strong Bad.
Coach Z turned around and slammed into a branch and flew off the back of the horse, head first.
"Oouur... my head...whort horppened?"
"You fell off the horse," said Strong Bad, "come on, get up. We don't have any time to lose."
"Where we gorin?"
"We decided to make for Weatherbottom. Come on. We need to get there by nightfall."

They rode fast down the path as the sun slowly sank over the hills.
"Where is it, Mr. Stwong Bad?" asked Homestar.
"It's that big rock thing with the words Weatherbottom engraved in it," he responded.
"Oh. I thought that was Weatherbottom."
"Uh... it is, stupid. What were you freakin looking for?"
"Oh, just Weatherbottom. Not much."
"Your freakin annoying. Shut up."
"Oh, Ok!"
The sun was half way down when Homestar realized that Strong Sad was still gone.
" I wonder if he's still in Gwee. That was a fun pwace. Good dwinks. And burwitos. Very good burwitos. I wonder if Stwong Bad will turn awound so's we can get another one. Boy, were those good."
"Hey, Stwong Bad, can we get a burwito?"
"A burrito? What are you talking about?"
"A burwito! You know, with all the cheese and beef and pepperwonies and owives and melwonade in it?"
"Burritos don't have melonade in them!"
"Well, sure they do. I wove melwonade. It's weally good with wunch. If fact, I havn't had wunch all week! Lets have some!"
"You just had lunch five hours ago!"
"Hey, where's Stwong Sad?"
"Strong Sad?! What in the world does he have to do with lunch?!"
"I don't know. I though of burwitos and then I thought of Stwong Sad!"
"I'm not going to freakin talk to you. Your stupid."
"Oh, thanks. I'm not that smawt, weally."
They rode in silence till Weatherbottom.

Chapter 4 - Weatherbottom

As they rode, the sun sank lower.
Weatherbottom was upon a hill, which was in the middle of three other hills. It was an old fortress, but it fell apart. It was completly stone, and it had a small tower in the middle. It was surrounded by a small ring of rock.
Strong Bad rode the horse up the hill. It wasn't steep, but it was big. You could see a far ways away from on top.
Homestar thought he saw three black shapes following them as they galloped over the hill.
The first thing he thought of was Strong Sad. He then realized that three shapes were following them, not one.
The Black Riders.
"Huwwy Stwong Bad, huwwy!"
"What's the freakin problem?"
"Bwack Widers!"
Strong Bad didn't see anything.
"It's just your imagination. Go back to whatever you were doing."
Homestar looked back. There was defineatly some people-some things - following them.

"Ahh...Weatherbottom. PomPom, go get fire wood with Coach and that Bubs guy. Me and underbite will stay here," said Strong Bad.
They all went to get firewood.
"So, where is Strong Sad, anyway?"
"I don't know. He said he needed more information."
Strong Bad looked out into the distance. He saw the shapes now.

Strong Sad lay on top of the tower. The blood had dried from his head. He just stared out into nothing. Snow blew across his face.
He suddenly twitched and raised up. He was on a small ledge, and on everyside of him, he could have easily fallen to his death.
He looked over the corner. Instead of peacefull birds perched in trees, there was black smoke, grey dirt, black and grey everything. Big holes in the ground blew smoke out, for under the holes were underground factorys, forging swords and sheilds. Walkways suspended from the ceiling went every which way, and not Unguraits, but some special kind of Unguraits were working down there. The Urik-Aits. They had a blue mark on everyone of them, showing signs of 20X6.
They still snarled and gnashed their teeth, but they were bigger, stronger, and better weaponry.
A moth flew by Strong Sads face. He caught it in his hands and whispered to it some sort of poem. The moth then flew away, and Strong Sad laid back down, and he could hear the snarling and clanking and factory workers below him.

"Homestar. Homestar," whispered Strong Bad, "wake up! I said freakin wake up! I see those shapes! They are coming!"
Homestar rolled over.
"Shhh! They are coming!"
Strong Bad heard a crack in the darkness. He grabbed the handle of his sword.
"Get down!" he yelled, and he pulled his sword out and fought the Black Rider who came out of the darkness.
His sword seemed almost worthless, so he leaned over and put the tip of it in the fire. He sprang up and fought the Rider once again. The Rider blocked his blows, and out of the darkness two others came.
So, Strong Bad was faced with three Black Riders. He finally caught one on fire by hacking his sword at it's side. He caught fire. Strong Bad re-lit his sword and fought the other ones.
They were a tad harder, since there was two of them. He finally slashed one across it's stomach, and it fell into the fire.
He was faced witht the last one, sword fighting, stepping back and forth.
He finally stabbed it in the stomach, and is shreiked a high-pitched scream.
"AUGH! AUGH! Hewlp me, Stwong Bad, AUGH!" yelled Homestar, and Strong Bad turned around.
The starwraith, as they are sometimes called, had stabbed Homestar just about an inch from his shoulder.
Strong Bad kicked the wraith, and it fell on it's back.
It fought as much as it could, but not very well, since it was on his back. Strong Bad knocked the sword out of his hand, and Strong Bad plunged the sword into the wraits darkened face. It shreiked, and Strong Bad stabbed it more in the stomach, and slashed over it's chest. All that was left of the still flaming wraith was a frail body.
Strong Bad ran over to Homestar. He was laying on his back, his eyes barely open.
"Are you ok?" asked Strong Bad.
"I-I-I'm Owk-kay," Homestar said wearily.
Strong Bad looked at the would. Homestars shirt was cut where the wound was, but with the blood you couldn't really tell. It was infected with the wraiths special poison.
Strong Bad knew what he needed to do. He needed to reach Marzipan.

She arrived as soon as possible to Weatherbottom.
"He was injected with poison," said Strong Bad.
"Oh dear. I'll take him to Creekindale. They will to the best to treat him, but, oh, I just don't know," she said. Her hair was in a braid, and it went very far down her broom-shaped body.
She sat him on his horse and rode away.

Black Riders soon followed. Six of them. She ran her horse as fast as it's legs could take it. Her hair was flying back as Homestar lay against her.
"Faster, horsey, faster!" she said.
They weaved in and out of trees, trying to lose the wraiths.
"Faster! Yaah, little horsey!"
A starwraith galloped up beside her horse. She ducked down as the wraith swung it's sword at her. It finally looked forwards and ran into a rock.
As fast as she could she ran into an open field, where the five riders ran after her. Horses neighing, feet thumping the ground, everything. She needed to get across the field and into the forest again.
She flew into the forest, and saw the river ahead. The wraiths gained up on her, but stopped at the bank.
She galloped into the river and turned around in the middle.
"Stupid, stupid riders!" she yelled.
They rose their horses in front of the river. They were mad.
She turned around and headed towards the House of Elrod in Creekindale.

Chapter 5 - The Council of Elrod

"Okay, freakin' listen," said Strong Bad. "Homestar got stabbed by a wraith, and a person named Marzipan came to get him. We need to get going. We have a council in Creekindale. Hurry!"
"Ah chub, chub, chub! What are you talking about?" blubbled PomPom.
"Homestar got freakin stabbed with a sword. Marzipan came to get him, and she is taking him to the house of Elrod. We have a council there and we need to get going. So let's go!"
"Whort is the cournsil orl abort?" asked Coach Z.
"You'll see when we get there. Now, what part of 'Come freakin' on' don't you understand?!"

They jumped on the horse and rode away. They galloped through the woods, across the river, and onto a path.
"So, when we get there, what will we be talking about?" asked Bubs.
"Well, we will be talking about the finding of the star. And the journey to destroy it. We will be asigned members to come with us. We have time now to rest. We have another day ahead, a long day. You can get down. He stopped and let them hop off. Then he too hopped off.
"I will make a fire. We will rest here tonight."

Coach Z warmed his hands by putting them up against the fire.
"Where is Homestar going to?" asked PomPom.
"He will be at Elrod's house in Creekindale," replied Strong Bad.
"What's it like in this here Creekindale?" asked Bubs.
"Ah...Creekindale," Strong Bad said, "Is a wonderfull place. Wonderfull people, everything there is filled with glorious brightness, lushous water, sun shining through the colored windows, casting a beautiful array of colors on the floor. The people there treat you with kindness, like they are your family. In Autum, the leaves fall from the trees in different colors, and it fills the land with warmness."
They all looked at Strong Bad.
"I mean... uh... it's freakin good, I guess."
The fire started to lower.
"What kind of people will we be traveling with? As a fellowship, to destroy the star?" blubbled PomPom.
"I don't know, but I hope they are kind people. I would hate to have to pound somebody.
"I wouldn't like that either," PomPom blubbled.
"The line at my concession stand is probably so dang long by now," Bubs said, "but I rather be here than sitting at my concession."
"I rather be here than with all my lady-friends," blubbled PomPom.
"I rather be here than at field prorctice. Actually, now that I mentioned it, I rather be anywhere than field prorctice. So hot and sworty," Coach Z said.
There was an aquard silence. Strong Bad had a look on his face, like he was looking at nothing, just looking.
"Well, Strong Bad, what about you? What would you rather or not rather be doing.
Strong Bad's expression didn't change.
They all looked at him.
He then finally spoke.
"I sure do miss my Compy."

PomPom yawned and stretched, then put his hands back under his head.
"Wake up," said a voice.
He made some noise with his mouth.
"Wake up!" the voice said again, louder. He felt a small thud in his stomach. He woke up, and he looked up to Strong Bad.
"It's time to go."
Bubs and Coach Z were already on the horse.
PomPom got up. The fire was gone, just smoking ashes. He rubbed his eyes and stretched.
"Come on, get on the freakin' horse," Strong Bad said, "or we'll be late for the council."
PomPom walked over to the horse and jumped on the back. Strong Bad stomped his foot in the ashes and spread them around in the grass.
"Don't want to leave any tracks," he said.
He hopped on the front of the horse. Bubs was behind him. Coach Z behind Bubs, and PomPom after Coach Z.
Strong Bad kicked the horse and they were off.
"How much more do we have to travel?" asked PomPom, still half asleep.
"About an hour or two," Strong Bad answered.
They rode around the wilderness, following the path to Creekindale.
Their horse was obidient, and very quiet. None of them guessed that a horse that they stole, never seen before, would be so obidient with them. They never really came up with an answer.
The horse was white, with a large, grey spot on the right side of the back. He had a couple of small spots here and there on him. His tail was light grey. It seemed to like Strong Bad more than it's previous owner. PomPom it especially liked, and PomPom liked it just as well. PomPom had never seen a horse like that.
They crossed over a brook. PomPom noticed the trickle of the brook and how it came down off a hill, formed perfectly into the hill, weaving through trees.
"We are close to Creekindale now," Strong Bad said, "not much longer at all."

They trotted along, following the dirt path through the trees of the wilderness.
"You said it wasn't much longer", said Bubs, "so why does it seem we've been traveling for a year?!"
"We have about five more minutes. Just hang on, sheesh," replied Strong Bad.
Bubs mumbled something under his breath.
PomPom was silent and still, not looking at anything, just - looking out into the open. He could barely fit on the horse, but he was holding on to something where he couldn't fall off.
The brook started to travel on the side of the path. The ripples popped up when ever they hit a rock. They were traveling a tad downhill, so the brook went downhill with them. PomPom shook his head and looked over to the brook. A stick was traveling down it, getting stuck on rocks, then moving fast again. He never lost the stick until the brook crept away back into the woods, and PomPom couldn't see the brook anymore.
"We're here," Strong Bad said as everyone looked up.

They turned around a corner, and there before them was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.
White, gleaming towers stood before them with a rushing waterfall falling down an edge. The autum leaves were on the ground, and as they walked, the leaves crunched under them. PomPom was breathless. The water gleamed and shown the reflection of the sun back, and everything sparkled. The paths were paved with white, gleaming stone, but the path was still dirt from where they were.
The sound of rushing water filled the town. Elves lived there. Elves are on the edge of pale, and, in Creekindale, they wore beautifull clothes. The place was filled with wonder.
They walked along the dirt path, crunching leaves under them, until at last the got to the doors of the town. The gaurds let them through, and they walked in.
The path they took stood on the edge of the creek with a white stone gaurdrail along the left as far as they could tell. On the left were the buildings. It was glourious, all the white, sparkling, gleaming, shining stone. The sound of rushing water was still able to be heard.

"Where am I?" Homestar asked wearily.
"You are in the house of Elrod. And it is 10 o’clock in the morning, on October the 24th if you want to know," said a familiar voice.
Homestar woke up.
"Strong Sad!" he said, excitied.
"Yes. I’m here. And you're lucky to be here too. A few more hours and you would have been beyond our aid, I guess. But you have some strength in you, hopefully. Even though we are all going to die someday..."
"What happened? Why didn't you meet us, stwupid?"
"Oh, I am sorry. I was delayed."
"Well what was it?"
"Nothing Homestar, it wasn't anything."
"Then how could you be-"
"Mr. Homestar!" yelled PomPom.
"PomPom!" yelled Homestar back.
"PomPom has hardly left your side," said Strong Sad.
"We were that worried about you!"
"By the skills of only good friend Elrod, you're beginning to mend."
"Welcome to Rivendell, Homestar Runner," came a voice behind Strong Sad. It was Elrod.

Homestar walked onto a balcony with PomPom, Bubs and Coach Z. He looked up and saw the King of Town.
"King of Town!" he yelled and ran over to him.
"Dooh hoo hoo hoo! Hello Homestar my lad! I was just writing my book."
Homestar sat down beside him on the bench, crunching the autum leaves under him.
"'There and Back Again: A Hobbit's Tale by The King of Town'. This is wonderful!"
Homestar said, leafing through the book. He stopped at the map of the Quire.
"I miss the Quire. I spent all of my wasted time wishing I was off with you on one of your adventures! My own adventure turned out to be different." He looked over to PomPom, who was packing his bag.
"Now what have I forgotten?" PomPom asked himself.
"Packed already? And are you talking to yourself?" he asked him.
"No harm in being prepared." PomPom blubbled.
Strong Sad and Elrod were looking at Homestar from a study.
"His strength returns," Elrod said.
"I don't think that wound will ever fully heal. He will carry it the rest of his short, dull life," Strong Sad said.
"And yet to have come so far, still bearing the star, the hobton has shown extraordinary resilience to it's evil."
"It is a horrible burden he should never have had to bear. We can ask no more of Homestar. He is to stupid."
"Strong Sad, the enemy is moving. Lord Unguraits's forces are massing in the east-- his eye is fixed on Creekindale. And 20X6 Homestar you tell me has betrayed us. Our list of allies grows thin."
"His treachery runs deeper than you know. By foul craft 20X6 has crossed orcs with goblinmen, he's breeding an army in the caverns of Whos-en-gard. An army that can move in sunlight and cover great distance at speed. 20X6 is coming for the star."
"This evil cannot be concealed by the power of the Elves. We do not have the strength to fight both DorMor? and Whos-en-gard!"
Strong Sad walked away in thought. He stepped out onto a balcony.
"Strong Sad, the star cannot stay here."
Strong Sad looked down as three odd-looking people arrive. One looks likes an anvil, one is a very big thing with a wrestling suit on and one has a blue shirt that says some white letters on the front that Strong Sad couldn't see.
"This peril belongs to all middle earth. They must decide now how to end it. The time of the Elves is over- my people are leaving. Who will you look to when we've gone? The Dwarves? They hide in their mountains seeking riches. They care nothing for the troubles of others," said Elrod.
"It is in Men that we must place our hope," said Strong Sad.
"Men? Men are weak," they walked into Elrod's study as they spoke, "the race of men is failing. It is because of men the star survives. I was there Strong Sad. I was there three thousand years ago…"

"Isildur took the Star. I was there the day the strength of men failed.
'Isildur hurry. Follow me!'
We walked to Mount Boom.
I led Is-il-dur into the heart of Mount Boom, where the Star was forged, the one place it could be destroyed.
'Cast it into the fire!'
He looked at it in his hand.
'Destroy it!'
It should’ve ended that day, but evil was allowed to endure.
Isildur kept the star. The line of kings is broken. There is no strength left in the world of men. They’re scattered, divided, leaderless."

Strong Bad was reading a book as a man with a blue shirt and "Homsar" written across it entered.
"DaAaAaAaA?! The blade that cut Lord Unguraits heeeaad..."
"It's still sharp, stupid," Strong Bad said, putting down his book.
Homsar put back the sword carelessly and it fell to the ground. Homsar stoped for a second, but then walked away. Strong Bad got up and picked up the dropped shaft and carefully set it in place with the other shards. He took a step back, looking at shards. Marzipan walked up behind him.
"Why do you fear the past? You are Is-il-dur's heir, not Is-il-dur himself. You are not bound to his fate," she said.
"The same blood flows in my freakin' veins. Same weakness."
"Your time will come. You will face the same evil, and you will defeat it."

The following morning, Homestar awoke and went to the meeting. He sat down beside Strong Sad and PomPom. Other people walked and sat down, also. The chairs were formed into a cirlce around a stump. The floor was a faded gold, and leaves were scattered over the place.
"Strangers from distant lands, friends of old. You have been summoned here to answer the threat of DorMor?. Middle-Earth stands upon the brink of destruction. None can escape it. You will unite or you will fall. Each race is bound to this fate--this one doom," Elrod gestured to the stump in the middle of the ring of people, "bring forth the star, Homestar."
Homestar rose slowly and peeled the star off his stomach. He placed the star on the stump. He returned to his seat with a sigh. The council members started to whisper among themselves.
"So it is true..."
"The Doom of Man."
"DaAaAaA?!It is a gift," Homsar said, "a gift to the foes of DorMorrr?. Why not use this starrr? AaAa?! Long has my father, the Steward of Gondoooooor, kept the forces of DorMor? at bayyyy. By the blood of our people are your lands kept safeeee! AaAaAa?! Give Gondoooor the weapon of the enemy. Let us use it against hiiiimm!"
"You cannot wield it, you idiot. None of us can. The One Star answers to Lord Ungurait alone. It has no other master," said Strong Bad.
"And what would a ranger know of this matter?" asked someone.
Suddenly, a weird-looking thing that looked like an anvil mixed with a cheetah stood up.
"This is no mere ranger. He is Strong Bad! You owe him your allegiance!" he squacked.
"DaAaAaA?!Strong Baaaaddd? This... is Is-il-dur's heir?" asked Homsar with an expression of disbelief on his face.
"And heir to the throne of Gondor," said The furry thing. His name was The Cheat.
Homestar looked at Strong Bad.
"Sit down The Cheat," said Strong Bad.
"DaAaAaA?! Gondoooor has noa kiinng. Gondooor neeeeeds noa king!" said Homsar.
"If I could possibly put my opinion in, Strong Bad is right. We cannot use it," said Strong Sad.
"Darn! If you weren't on my side, you would've gotten the biggest wedgie of your life tonight!" said Strong Bad.
"You have only one choice. The star must be destroyed," said Elrod.
"WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!?" yelled a big man with a wrestling suit on. He grabbed his axe and went to the stump.
"ARGH!!!" he yelled and whacked the star as hard as he could, but he was thrown back, falling to the ground. At the same time Homestar saw the eyes of Lord Ungurait in his mind. He winced in pain. The star remained intact on the stump, shards of the axe around it. Strong Mad got up and returned to his seat, a little embarassed.
"The star cannot be destroyed, Strong Mad, by any craft that we here possess," said Elrod, "the star was made in the fires of Mount Boom. Only there can it be unmade. It must be taken deep into DorMor? and cast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came. One of you must do this."
There was dead silence.
"One does not simply walk into DorMor?. It's black gates are guarded by more than just orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep. And the great Eyes are ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland. Riddled with fire and ash and dust. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this!" said Strong Bad.
The Cheat stood up. "Have you heard nothing Lord Elrod has said? The star must be destroyed!"
"And if we fail, what then?! What happens when Lord Ungurait takes back what is his?!" yelled Strong Bad.
The other people started shouting at Strong Mad. The Cheat held up his hand to stop them from starting a fight.
"Um... If I could make a saying..." Strong Sad said, "Do you not understand that while we bicker among ourselves, Lord Ungurait's power grows?! None can escape it!" he raised to a yell.
"You’ll all be destroyed!" yelled a man.
Homestar watched the star. The angry council members reflected on it's surface.
The intensity of the council members grew. Homestar then realized what he must do.
"I will take it! I will take it, stuwpids!"
Everyone stopped arguing. Strong Sad closed his eyes as he heard Homestar's voice. Everyone slowly turned to Homestar, surprised.
"I will take the Ring to Mordor. Though.. I do not know the way."
"I will help you bear this burden, Homestar Runner, so long as it is yours to bear," Strong Sad said, putting his hands on Homestars shoulder.
"If by my life or death, I can freakin' protect you, I will," said Strong Bad, "uou have my sword."
"And you have my bow," squacked The Cheat.
"AND AXE!" Strong Mad yelled, exchanging dark looks with The Cheat.
"DaAaAaAaA?! You carry the fates of us all little oneeee. If this is indeed the will of the council, then Gondoooor will see it doooonneee," said Homsar.
"Heh! Mr. Homestar is not goin’ anywhere without me!" yelled PomPom and bounced beside the rest of them.
"No indeed, it is hardly possible to separate you," Elrod said, amused.
Coach Z and Bubs saw PomPom in the middle of all of the people. They emerged from behind some pillars and run down to the cowd.
"Wait! We are coming too!" Bubs yelled.
"Your'd horve to send us home tored up in a sack to storp us!" said Coach Z.
"Anyway, you need people of intelligence on this sort of mission, quest... thing," Bubs said.
"Well that rules you out Bubs."
"I see it is hard to split you up also, since you summoned a secret meeting that you were not invited to," said Elrod. Then something lit up his face.
"Nine companions... So be it! You shall be the Fellowship of the Star!"
"Great! Where ore we goring?"
Everybody looked at Coach Z.
Homestar left the council later that day and went to The King of Town's room.
"Doo ho hoo! My old sword, Sting! Here! Take it, take it!" he said to Homestar.
He unsheathed the sword and looked at it.
"It’s so freakin' light!"
"Yes...yes.. made by the elves you know. The blade glows blue when orcs are close. And its times like that my lad, when you'll have to be extra careful!"
The King of Town held up a mail shirt.
"Here’s a pretty thing... Mithril! As light as a feather! And as hard as dragon scales! Let me see you put it on. Go on."
The King of Town then noticed his star.
"Oh... old star! I sh-sh-should very much like... to hold it again, one last time."
The King of Town reached for it as fast as his large body could. Homestar backed away quickly.
"Oh...I’m sorry I brought this upon you my boy...I’m sorry that you must carry this burden. I’m sorry for everything! Um... do you happen to have any leftovers from...the council?"

Homestar, PomPom, Coach Z, Bubs, Strong Bad, Mad and Sad, The Cheat and Homsar all set out of Creekindale.
"Farwell, Creekindale!" yelled PomPom, walking down the path. Their bags were packed, and they were ready to go.
"We must hold this course west of the Misty Mountains for 40 days. If our luck holds the Gap of Rohand will still be open to us. From there our road turns east to DorMor?," said Strong Bad.
"DaAaAaAaA?! My name is Saverdoooooo" Homsar said.
"Man, why did we freakin' take you along with us?" asked Strong Bad, annoyed.
"I am the man with the cowwwwsss."
"Oh, Shut UP!" yelled Strong Bad.

Strong Bad was training Coach Z how to sword fight as everybody else was having a little snack. They were sitting on two big rocks.
"Move your feet. That's right," Strong Bad said to Coach Z.
"If anyone was to ask for my opinion, which I note they’re not, I’d say we were taking the long way round," said Bubs.
"PASS THROUGH MINES!" yelled Strong Mad.
"Strong Bad, could you please tell us what he is trying to tell us?" asked The Cheat.
"What did you say, big fella?" asked Strong Bad.
"Oh! He says that we could pass through the Mines of Morea. That would be a lot quicker."
"Mines of Morea?" asked Strong Sad.
"Yes, dumpface," said Strong Bad.
"That's not a-"
"Then that settles it! We'll make for the Mines of Morea!"
"No, please liste-"
"Any more comments? Great!"
"Strong Bad, please,"
"Ok, fine, what is it, stupid?"
"I wouldn't travel through the Mines of Morea unless I had no other choice," Strong Sad said.
Staring at him, Strong Bad said, "That's it? That's all you had to say?"
"Well, I am the wizard here and-"
"You stopped me to say-"
"Hey! Look! In the distance! Down south!" sqaucked The Cheat, and everybody turned.
"Wh-what is that?" asked PomPom.
"CLOUD!" yelled Strong Mad.
"No, too fast for a cloud," The Cheat squacked.
Strong Bad green eyes seemed to get just a little bigger.
"Crebain! Crebain! Hide!" yelled Strong Bad.
"DaAaAaA?! I don't see what the problem-" Homsar started until PomPom pushed him to the ground.
"Hide!" PomPom yelled.
"Coach Z! Homestar!" yelled Strong Bad, pushing them down.
They grabbed their stuff and put out the fire. They hid down under a rock.
"DaAaA?-" Homsar started again until The Cheat covered his mouth.
A large amount of black birds flew overhead. They all ducked. The birds cawed and cawed. They circled the hill and left.
"Spies of 20X6 Homestar! The passage of the south is being watched! We must take the path of Caradhas," said Strong Bad.

Homestar plunged his foot into the deep snow. He was freezing cold. It was always cold on Caradhas.
He stumbled and fell, rolling down a hill.
"Stupidloser!" yelled Strong Bad and ran over to him. He helped him to his feet. Homestar rubbed his hands on his stomach to brush the snow off to see that his star is missing.
The Cheat picked it up.
"The Cheat," Strong Bad said.
"It's a strange thing...we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so weird a thing. Such a odd thing," squacked The Cheat.
"The Cheat! Give the star to Homestar!"
Startled out of his thoughts, The Cheat gave the star to Homestar, who peeled it on his stomach.
The Cheat turned and resumed climbing. Strong Bad released the grip he had on his sword.

"So, Strong Sad, you try to lead them over Caradhas. And if that fails, where then will you go? If the mountain defeats you will you risk a more dangerous road?" asked 20X6 Homestar to himself, "Wake up cruel Redhorn! May your horn be bloodstained, man!"

"There is a fell voice in the air," The Cheat squacked.
"20X6! 20X6!" yelled Strong Mad.
They heard a cracking sound and a bit of snow fell.
"Throw yourself against the wall! Hurry!" yelled Strong Bad, and he and everybody else ran into the ice-cold wall as an anvalace fell beside them.
"He’s trying to bring down the mountain! I don't understand why you are our captain, but Strong Sad, we must turn back!" yelled Strong Bad.
"How? And why? we're just going to die anyway!"
Strong Sad took a step forwards into the fallen-snow and said: "Losto Caradhas, sedho, hodo, nuitho i 'ruith!"
The moutain stopped rumbling. Strong Sad looked out off the edge of the small ledge that they were walking on. Everybody else leaned against the wall on the other side of the ledge.
" That's why he's our leader," The Cheat squacked.
"Wake up cruel Redhorn! May your bloodstained horn fall upon enemy heads!"
Lightning struck the mountain peak, sending a second avalance down.
"Get back! Lean back for your short life!" yelled Strong Sad, running into the wall. The snow almost buried them completely. After a moment the emerged from the snow.
"We must get off the mountain! Make for the Gap of Rohand and take the west road to Homsar's city!" said Strong Bad.
"DaAaAaA?! Did I hear a pin drop?"
"The Gap of Rohan takes us too close to Whos-en-gard!" squacked The Cheat.
"IF CAN'T GET OVER GO UNDER!" yelled Strong Mad.
Strong Sad looked at him with a worried face.
Morea. You fear to go into those mines. The dwarves delved too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum… Shadow and Flame!
The snow was falling hard, as they sat against the wall. Homestar was being burried. Strong Bad and Mad pulled him out.
"Don't sit, you'll be burried," Strong Bad pointed out.
"What are we going to do, Strong Sad?" asked The Cheat. Strong Sad would know what to do, he was a wizard.
"Let the star-bearer decide, I guess," he said to everybody's astonishment.
Homestar looked around at everybody as the blizzard beared down on them.
"What is your decision?" asked Strong Bad.
"W-We shall go through the fweakin' mines," Homestar said.
"Sigh So be it, I guess." Strong Sad said.

Thus ends the First Part of The Fellowship of The Star.
Please note that this does not end The Fellowship of The Star. It will continue in Part Two.
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