The door was unlocked. You proceed to the basement. Strong Bad steps into the darkness. There's no light. Suddenly, the light flashes on. Every suspect for the Strongbadia crime spree is there. Strong Bad then walks by each person, giving a description. " stupid to make up a big scheme. Or is it just a fake stupidity? Homsar...get out of my house. were at the carnival at the time. Coach, too. Strong're my lackey. Or are you using me to get to Strongbadia? were hanging out at the gym. way you could do this.'re always with the king. Strong were at the carnival. have no alibi." Strong Bad handcuffed Marzipan. "Stop! I was working for Strong Sad!" So Marzipan and Strong Sad were the ones who tp'd the fence, stole the stop sign and egged the fence. You solved the mystery!

You win!