Hey Guys! I'm Clever Dan.

I made a music video for The Skate Party's song "Strong Sad Rocks Out"
Its essentially a mix of some great moments of Strong Sad with the music mixed in. I got great reviews on www.strongfans.com

Sorry only a WMV version is availible right now!
If you can convert it to MPEG or Quicktime I would appreciate it

[Download it Here - WMV 4.00mb]

Clever Dan at my Grandma's House

Pretty sweet. Can't really tell what the Skate Party's singin', though. -- FireBird
I'm working on a He's Homsar music video sung by Ultraklystron. I'm almost done with it. I'll try and put it up, but I don't have a website, so I'm gonna have some trouble on that. Anyway, enjoy waiting, and please tell me what to do about the website thing. - The Chortellini (A.K.A. The One)

I'm back (the Chortellini), and the music video is not done yet, but I'm making a One Minute Sneak Peek before it actually comes out. I'm also trying to find out the website thingy, so have fun waiting!

I'm back again and the sneak peek is finished. I'll put up the link when I get the website.
I'm working on the website. It'll be done soon enough. After I'm done with it, I'll work on the music video, so I can post the finished version.