Here, you will find find personality tests that were done with me masquerading as Homestar Runner characters.

The Spark's Death Test (For the Cheat)

For The Spark's death test, I assumed that the Cheat is really Ilko Skevuld. So it's more of "What if Ilko Skevuld had the cheat's attributes".

Do the test at:

Results: The Cheat will die on Friday, November 9th, 2035. There is a 7% chance he will die of alien abduction, 4% of drowning, 3% that he will be the victim of homicide (maybe Strong Mad will sit on him) and 2% of Cancer (most likely of the lungs, I knew he shouldn't have been doing those cigarettes).

The Spark's Death Test (For Pom Pom)

As we all know, Pom Pom is 6'2'' and weighs 4 lbs. This is some of the criteria needed for the death test. For the death test, I made a rough estimate that Pom Pom was born in 1979. Another criteria needed is gender, his gender may be "pom" but I'm saying he's a boy. I also said the he inhales coffee... how else does he get so bouncy? ;)

Results: Pom Pom will die on Saturday, May 24th, 2059, at 80 years old. Most likely cause would be a horrible accident.

COMING SOON: Strong Bad Death Test, What breed of Dog Homestar would be, What Bub's REAL superpower would be.

These are awesome, keep it up! -Ace101