Strong Bad will be playing as the father of the family, an ex: CGNU proffesor
Homestar will be the young kid
Bubs will be the Cook
Coach Z will play the Headmaster of CGNU.
King of Town will be the owner of The Strong Home (Mr. Ullmann)
The Poopsmith will play the maitenance man (Watson)
Marzipan will portray the mother
Strong Sad will play the jock from Strong Bads teaching Days.
Strong Mad will be Strong Bad's brother
And special Appearence by Fletcher as Fletcher.

The Strong Home is a place in need of a caretaker, which Strong Bad takes up. Little by little he goes crazy and you know....
But Homestar has an ability that lets him reads minds, called the shining. He can even talk to other people with it, like Bubs.

The Shining Is copyright to Stephen King.

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Strong Bad had drifted off to sleep after watching several emails and toons showing the history of Free Country USA. Then he starts to remember his child hood, his older brother who went crazy and was locked up for killing Homsar at this House itself.

Strong Bad: I'm so a-tired...It's like I'm asleep but I'm not, ya know in that movie...

(Computer pop-up): You have one new voice message

Strong Bad: Oh, okay... less see (clicks OK)

Strong Mad: Kill dem! Kill dem! Kill demmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

Strong Bad: No! your crazy, and stupid, and uh....crazy-stupid.

Strong Mad: Marmiyan! Kill 'err! Da Runna! Kill 'em! Make em take Medzin!

SB: No! Shut up!

SM: Kill demm! Kill Dem!!

This story starts off at CGNU. Here strong Bad is a teacher, and today he is working on trials with his students.

Strong Sad: Okay now my client is innocent! we have several evidence that he didnt kill his wife with the mace and I have it all on film, pictures, and witness that...

Strong Bad: (whisper) ohh this is soooo boring...*turns timer ahead 4 minutes*

Strong Sad: ....will defend my client to the test, and..


Strong Bad: all right Monkey butt, times up!

SS: You set the clock ahead!

SB: No, you're just dumb.

SS: I was only up there for 28 seconds, my watch says so!

SB: Calm down. You were stuttering up there anyway, S-S-S-S-Strong S-S-Sad

SS: No I wasn't.

SB: Yeah you were. You are now.

SS: Whatever, weirdo, I quit.

SB: Oh yeah? well quit your stuttering with this! *punches him in the face, then gets on top of him and beats him up*

SS: What are you doing? ow my ugly face!

SB: I'm making you eat your Medicine, you peice of crap you stupid...

Headmaster Coach Z: The Strong Bad's gone mad wid powa! He's going to kill da Strong Sad!

SB: Huh...whoa..where am I? *gets up, feels dizzy and falls over*

Coach Z: I'm sorry dair Strong Bad, But I'm gunna have ta layer off. But I have anorther Jorb you might like it.

SB: Shoveling Poop with the poopsmith? No thank you, Herr Coach Zandersfeldomingtingdingwortherberger.

Coach Z: Ahhh! My real name! he muttered it! Now If take the job, your pay is horved!

SB: What is it.....Better not be scrubbing dead man over here's ugly Butt.

Coach Z: No No No. I just want you's to look after my house in Free Country USA while I'm..doing..stuff.

SB: Well how does it pay? no more guacamoli man, I can't pretend its made of money.

CZ: You'll have to work dat orf with the mornagor, Kingy.

SB: That weirdo! He's so fat!

CZ: Well if ya don't like kingy he got an amazing poopsmith that will help you with yor

SB: I get the point! I'll take the weirdos job.

SB:....And thats why I want the job.

Kingy: You can have it...but please dont eat all the food...

SB: I'll eat all the food from coast to coast just to make you starve.

Kot: The what?

SB: The coast!

KOT: The Coast is Toast!

Strong Bad, coming home all drunk and hung over like: Hello, DEAR. I'm finally home. Now I'm going to bed, quietly, without mentioning the job.

Marzipan: Strong Bad did you get the job or not?

SB: Well, its a long story, and...

Homestar: No, No, let me tell. It all started back in....

SB: (nods his head and whispers) I got the job...

Homestar: And thats why circles are round!

SB: Wow sonny, that was amazing! you get a gold star.

Homestar: Hooray for marshalay!

Marzipan: Wait a minute! let's listen to what he has to say!

Homestar: Marshalay?

SB: What!?

Marzipan: No sweetie, your story.

Coach: Well tell stories is like a great sports play, they dont horve to make the sense.

Homestar: What are you doing here, mister! you don't wiv here!....or do you?

Coach: Of coarz I do! excepta that I don't....

SB: Homestar!

Homestar: Right! It all started back in 20X6, Stinkoman had pushed Darth Vader off the moon, when aw of a sudden, and he pulled out his fun machine. Den for some reason his head asploded, whatever that means, and thats why circles aw wound!

KOT: Did he bring back any moon cheese....?

SB: You?? Ugh... EVERYONE OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!

HS: Okay!

SB: Except you, and marzipan. And-a the cheat.

HS: we have a the cheat?

SB: Really? Wow, My very own a the cheat!

Fletcher: That reminds me of a story, I once got really drunk in france, and mistook myself for dracula. I accidently ended up seriously hurting someone and got locked up, after biting a Police man. I was in jail for a total of 9 hours. When I was bailed out, the tour bus I was in was really shaky, and I was in the middle of my hangover, so I barfed out the windows in rush hour traffic. (Based on a few true stories from Fletchers life)

Bah Bah Bah! Dum Dum Dum! Is everything going to turn out good? Tune in next time to find out!

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