=20X6: Enter the Cantaloupe.=
==A story by Strong Lad. Sankaman idea borrowed from Dark Grapefruit.==

{The scene opens on a large, grand city. This is Free City, Universe. Cut down to Bubbu Ubbi Ub's Marshmellow House, where Stinkoman, Homestar, and Pan-Pan are sat on a table.}

Stinkoman: ...So then I said, "Are you asking me for a CHALLENGE????", and then I glowed and it was SO cool. You should have seen that it was SO cool!
Pan-Pan: (Badda-lan, Badda-lan)?
Stinkoman: Nah, he ran away. But he was only two years old, so I guess that's OK.
20X6 Homestar: W-what's the matter, Stinkoman?
Stinkoman: It's just that nobody is asking for a challenge anymore! How can I prove that I'm the guy when people don't see me win fighting challenges?
20X6 Homestar: Whoa, look out, Stinkoman! It's Trainer Z!

{Trainer Z (20X6 Coach Z) and Killingyouman (20X6 Strong Mad) enter the restaurant.}

Trainer Z: Hey there, Stinkoman! Or should that be...STINK-o-MAN?
Stinkoman: Uh..actually, it is..
Killingyouman: HAW HAW HAW! Trainer Z has got a new Digikayblade! It will CRUSH YA in an instant, Stinkoman! You ain't the guy! I'm ashamed to call you..MY BROTHER! HAW HAW HAW!
Trainer Z: I bet to you that my new Digikayblade will destroy you, and that it will prove that you are not the guy!
{Bubbu Ubbi Ub (20X6 Bubs) rushes in.}
Bubbu Ubbi Ub: Waiiii! Not in my restaurant! No fighting here, not even for the greatest trainer and the guy!Go outside!
Stinkoman: It's alright, Bubbu, I'm not doing any fighting. It's against my code of honour to fight against little digital creatures armed with spinning maces.
Trainer Z: Are you backing out of a CHALLENGE, STINK-o-MAN?

{Stinkoman stops, stunned. He turns to Trainer Z and Killingyouman, and points at them angrily.}

Stinkoman: Did...you...just..say..CHALLENGE??? {Starts glowing.}
Killingyouman: HAW HAW HAW...Oh crap.
Stinkoman: DOUBLE....DEUCE!!!

{Stinkoman rushes out at Trainer Z and knocks him through the window of the Marshmellow House.}

Bubbu Ubbi Ub: Waiii! My window! Whoever loses this fight is paying for another!

{Trainer Z gets up and dusts himself off. He then gets out a Digikayblade digital summoner.}

Trainer Z: Very well, if that's the way you want to play, I will send out...{Taps buttons on his digital summoner.} ARMAPHANTIBURRA!

{A creature appears on the ground. It has the body of an armadillo, a trunk and two floppy ears, and flambouyant wings. It weilds two giant maces.}

Armaphantiburra: ARMAPHANTIBURRA!!
Stinkoman: It's time to finish this! DOUBLE DEUCE!!!

{Meanwhilst, an evil force is watching the fight on a giant monitor. He is Homsarka, the evil mind in the world of 20X6. He is present with Dore-mon, his henchman. Dore-mon has a cantaloupe head with a drawn on face, but the face moves, and he has a giant muscular body.}

Homsarka: Stinkoman headstrong showing for challenges unknown immenance domination by expecting that me is.
Dore-mon: Yes, my master. It will be easy for us to conquer the world when Stinkoman is tired. I suggest that I attack when he is finished with battling!
Homsarka: Irrelevant battle victorious winner for Stinkoman creature when plan goes attack for henchman of great superiority.
(Dore-mon:...yes, my master. If Stinkoman loses, then we will have nothing to fear, but if he wins, he will be too tired to attack us!
Homsarka: Beginning for annoyance the time is not for great Homsaka powerful when Stinkoman fails to understand power mighty of giant giants in potential for Dore-mon.
Dore-mon: O..K! You've lost me there. Could you kindly put it in Layman's terms, or at least..uh..what's the word..oh yeah, ENGLISH??
Homsarka: We battle after finish of battle.
Dore-mon: 'Kay. That I can do, my master.

{cut to battle. Stinkoman is battered and bruised, and Armaphantiburra is without even a scratch.}

Trainer Z Now, my new Digikayblade! MARKETING PLOY ATTACK!
Armaphantiburra: Armaphantiburra! {Shoots Stinkoman with a flurry of lunchboxes, T-shirts, and action figures.}
Stinkoman: UH! But I am still standing! I will win this fight. Must remember advice from great master Dumpus..

{Flashback to Master Dumpus's dojo. Master Dumpus (20X6 Strong Sad) is teaching a young Stinkoman.
Master Dumpus: I have taught you everything that you need to know, young Stinkoman. Go forth and play.
Stinkoman: But what happens if I let my pride run away from me and challenge a digital creature that weilds a large mace?
Master Dumpus: That would be rather silly of you.
Stinkoman: Oh.
Master Dumpus: But just because you are my favourite student, and the only one that knows my secret identity of the great Sankaman, I will tell you. You see, the thing that the Digikayblades hate the most is their weakness. Exploit that. Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to have my caffeine.

{Flashback ends. Stinkoman returns to the battle.}

Stinkoman: Of course! Thank you, great Master Dumpus! {to Armaphantiburra} HEY, UGLY! Look what I've got! {Gets out a mug with the image of 'Sup Cheat! on it.}
Armaphantiburra: Arma? {Stops attack.}
Stinkoman: Why, it's a rival to your maker, is it not? That doesn't matter to me, as I will drink from it anyway!
Armaphantiburra: Arma....ARMA!!! {Charges at Stinkoman.}
Trainer Z: WAIT!
Stinkoman: Almost..now! AROUND THE WORLD! {Hits Armaphantiburra with a spinning fist. It falls to the ground in a faint.}
Trainer Z: {Pause.} I....Lost..
Stinkoman: 20X-ty-6! I *AM* the guy!
Bubbu Ubbi Ub: Waaii! Stinkoman, you are the guy! Marshmellows on the house for Stinkoman and his friends!

{Suddenly, the sky turns black, and the image of Homsarka appears in the sky.}

Homsarka: HA HA HA! Stinkoman victorious present clock time being, but victim to evil he will be Dore-mon!

{Out of the clouds, Dore-mon appears, and rushes in to attack the city.}

Trainer Z: LET'S BEAT IT!
Killingyouman: You can destroy the city if you must, cantaloupe-face, but NO-ONE MESSES WITH MY BROTHER EXCEPT ME!!! And Trainer Z. Now, I..WILL..CRUSH..YA!!!

{Killingyouman charges at Dore-mon, who backslaps him through several buildings before he finally smacks into a mountain.}

Killingyouman: {Faintly} I'm OK! I'm still OK....
Stinkoman: Brother! {to Dore-mon} You think that you are SO big, but I will take care of you once and for all!
Dore-mon: HA! How can you? You are weak! And pathetic! {Swats him away with his tail.}
Stinkoman: NO! I can't..fail.

{A lens flare appears, and Sankaman (Master Dumpus's alter ego) flies out to tackle Dore-mon.}

Bubbu Ubbi Ub)): Waaiii! It's Sankaman! Come to save the day!
Homsarka: No! Sankaman dead by almighty hand of Homsarka was caused!
Sankaman: {Superhero voice, unlike Strong Sad.} Evil Dore-mon! How DARE you attack the city! I will now share to you a lesson in PAIN!
Dore-mon: Bring it on, grandpa! I'll bury you!

{Freeze frames of the fight. Sankaman wins the first few rounds, but Dore-mon fights back. Eventually, Sankaman is cornered against a mountain.}

Dore-mon: Now I will KILL the great Sankaman!
Sankaman {Pants for a while, then meditates, a giant glow surrounding him.}
Dore-mon: That is not a power meditation! What are you doing?
Stinkoman: Master D..Uh..I mean, SANKAMAN! Why are you doing this? {Looks down to see that a big knife has appeared in his hand.} Of course!! This one's for you, Sankaman. DOU...BLE...DEUCE!!!!!!

{Jumps out to Dore-mon and slashes him with the big knife. There is an explosion and cantaloupe juice sprays everywhere.}

Homsarka: What you do?? This last time I appear to you is not! Stinkoman! You...will..killed! {Disapears.}
Stinkoman: It's over..it's over.
20X6 Homestar: What happened to Sankaman?
Stinkoman: NO! he must have been destroyed in the blast trying to help me... I only wish..
a voice: Hey, what's all the commotion about?
Stinkoman: MASTER DUMPUS!!
Master Dumpus: Of course! I must have missed that fight between you and that demon.
Stinkoman: I highly doubt that, Master!

{Eveyone starts laughing.}

20X6 Homestar: Wait, I don't get it.
Stinkoman: Eh, it doesn't matter. What matters is..THE FREE MARSHMELLOWS FOR EVERYONE! Even you, Trainer Z!
Trainer Z: What? Really?
Stinkoman: Yeah, your Digikayblade gave me just the hype I needed to become more of the guy!
Trainer Z: Aw, Shucks.


{Cut to a mountain. Killingyouman's voice is heard.}

Killingyouman: Uh..Is anyone there? Is the fight over? I'm..still OK! Although I can't get out... Can anyone help me? Like, pass me a jackhammer, or a laser gun to help me get out of this crevasse? Ah..stupid mountain. I WILL CRUSH YA!! {Pounding noises.} AH! My hands hurt!

END. Now I need to have a lie down...

Brilliant. Just brilliant. I love the Digikayblade especially. Because it's so true. The Engrish was also hilarious. Kudos! --Dark Grapefruit