The Barbershop Trio that performs the Ballad of the Sneak seems to be the 1936 version of The Announcer. The trio appears only in Ballad of the Sneak.

It may not be obvious to everyone that they are derived from The Announcer. The Announcer appears, visually, primarily in toons that are no longer on the Homestar Runner site. He may no longer appear anywhere as more than just a voice in any toon that is not on a mirror site. Anyone may verify or correct this, please.

Debut: Ballad of the Sneak

DaVinci's Notebook is the singing group that provides the actual voices for the Barbershop Trio in Ballad of the Sneak. You can visit [DaVincisNotebook.com] for information about the group.

(They don't list it on their site, but it has been confirmed through an email that they are indeed the group who recorded "Ballad of the Sneak".)

I think each member of the Barbershop Trio looks a bit like Coach Zee. -RainbowFhqwhgads