These are a series of Homestar cartoons from the year 1936. They are in black and white, with grainy footage. The characters look and sound different from their modern-day counterparts, and often have differnet personae.

In the 1936 era, Homestar Runner is The Homestar Runner. He is squatter and more cylindrical, and wears a propeller beanie instead of Homestar's cap. He wears dress shoes, and can be seen sometimes kicking around a can of water soup. He's been kicking it around ever since his dog was "worshed away" in the floods of '28. His favorite expression is "What?" One time he defeated Stinko Man in combat by shooting a spitball into Stinko Man's eye when the latter was jumping into the air.

The Homestar Runner is Mike Chapman's favorite character in all of the HSR universe. Mike thinks he's a lot smarter and aware of whats going on than modern-day Homestar.

Strong Bad is Sir Strong Bad in the 1936 world. His face is much simpler, and his hands smaller, and he has a handlebar mustache, as well as neatly parted hair on the top of his head. Like Strong Bad, Sir Strong Bad often engages in devilish schemes and answers listener correspondence via the telegrammophone. Funnily enough, people still frequently ask him how he can use the telegrammophone "whilst wearing gentleman's sporting gloves."

Sir Strong Bad also is the spokesperson for "Uncle Strong Bad's Flavor Taste Style Chewing Powders", which are manufactured at the Strong Bad Powdertory, St. Louis, MO. He left half of his mustache as a future congratulatory gift for his descendant's 100th email. See SB Ahundred.

The early version of The Cheat, (The Sneak), hasn't learned to talk yet. The Sneak looks more like a rodent, going around on all fours and having a distinguishable nose and tail. We know that he is yellow only from the Ballad Of The Sneak. He is Sir Strong Bad's lackey, and frequently does the dirty work for his boss. These tasks include stealing Sir Strong Bad fresh jam, and smashing Ming vases.

The Sneak has had quite a history and has performed many exploits. According to the Ballad of the Sneak, he was kicked out of Tammany Hall by Boss Tweed, did the hully-gully on the Panama Canal, ate all of the Barbershop Trio's Fluffy Puff Air-Puffed Sugar Delights, dropped the Homestar Runner from his flying machine, and put a Bengal tiger in the Kaiser's latrine. The Sneak is also known as "The Dapper-Swindler."

Strong Mad's 1936 version is (Strong Man). Strong Man resembles more of a circus strongman than a wrestler. He is considerably smaller in stature, with a permanently angry expression on his face. Unlike Strong Mad, Strong Man has chest hair, and always carries around a dumbbell. He doesn't say much. In fact, he doesn't say anything at all.

Marzipan doesn't look all that different in shape, except she is shorter and has a larger head and facial features. (I know that sounds kind of ugly, but it's not.) She is a friend of The Homestar Runner's. We don't know if they have the same relationship they do in the modern world.

Strong Sad is named Sickly Sam in 1936. Sickly Sam is a walking, talking Strong Sad skeleton dressed only in a large burlap sack labelled "POTATE". Nobody really likes him. When denied food, Sickly Sam disappears in a puff of dry smoke.

Bubs owns the Depot in the 1936 era. He is blind, so he wears dark glasses, has a pegleg, and wears suspenders. He can play the banjo quite well.

Coach Z is an early football player, complete with leather helmet. (Was this before his coaching days?)

PomPom appears as Fat Dudley. Fat Dudley wears clothes and hat, and white gloves on his hands. He communicates through a series of musical tones. Fat Dudley is The Homestar Runner's best friend in the 1936 era too.

The King of Town appeared as The Kaiser. The Sneak put a Bengal Tiger in his latrine. In response, he cried, "Ach du lieber!" He was also found in Hell at the end of Parsnips-A-Plenty, fatter than even the modern King of Town

The Poopsmith is The Devil in Hell, complete with pitchfork and forked tail. He doesn't really look like the Poopsmith, but has similar body proportions. The devil has beady eyes, a huge lantern jaw, and a five-o'clock shadow.

Other Characters

Marshie, too has his 1936 form. Mr. Shmallow is the mascot for Fluffy Puff Air-Puffed Sugar Delights, which are hand-puffed at the factory in Neuconsin. Mr. Shmallow wears a top hat and pince-nez spectacles. Like Marshie, he's slightly creepy. The Homestar Runner thinks Mr. Shmallow is a monster who gives him nightmares.

Mr. Bossman is the owner of the company that makes Fluffy Puff Air-Puffed Sugar Delights. He wears a bowler hat and suspenders, and has a ridiculously huge mustache. Fat and self-satisfied, Mr. Bossman has two trays on his desk: one labelled "FIRED", and the other "TO BE FIRED."

By: "Douglas"