ThanatosAnemos is very poor Greek for "Death Wind". I got it from the name of my Necromancer in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. If you play, I'm on there occasionally under the account name Ventulus (which is Latin for "small breeze").

I'm probably going to lurk around here a little while, editing pages that nobody's touched for ages, just because that's how I am. I actually found this Wiki looking for the Message Bored on Google after I saw the Tandy 400 mention it while in the trash can in that one StrongBadEmail.

So what have you learned? I like to raise the dead, I know languages that have been dead for a long time now, I edit things that could be considered dead, and I look at dead computers and wind up finding really cool things.

Morbid? I'm not morbid.

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I say you should leave the dead dead.

Hi, I was just greeting you, since no one else is. C'mon everyone, this person definately needs a welcome. - CE1