Just swung by to see if you were savvy to the appearance of the Brothers Chaps and H*R characters in Eric's "The Football Game" adventure. Doesn't seem to be here. Looks like its a job for Strong Mad's Grrl!

I'm putting this here becuase it sure doesn't need to be replacing our AllPages page:

For those of you who are fans of Emotion Eric AND Homestar Runner:


This adventure features The Brothers Chaps, Emo Eric and some guy named Jesse. In just about every frame there is a hidden pic of a H*R character.
Page 1: Trogdor in the upper left corner, above Mike's back.
Page 2: The Ugly One is next to the stop sign in the upper right corner.
Page 3: The Homestar Runner is up against the stone wall.
Page 4: Homestar is up against a tree in the upper left corner.
Page 5: Strong Bad might be doing something devious behind the black car.
Page 6: nada?
Page 7: Strong Mad, The Cheat and ? under the b-ball net.
Page 8: Stinkoman is visible between the Brothers Chaps.

And The Cheat is on the bottom of his left shoe in Page 6. And Strong Mad and The Cheat are with a keg of melonade in Page 7. -- Tom