Sensitive to Bees

Track: 13
Time: 1:54
Artist: Marzipan featuring Strong Bad


Marzipan singing about bees with Strong Bad saying his thoughts on the lyrics. And later, Homestar Runner comes by to sing too.


MARZIPAN: Strong Bad, do wanna hear my song?
MARZIPAN: Okay, here we go.
STRONG BAD: I said no. {sarcastic} Ooh, that sounds gorgeous.

I'm very sensitive to birds. (What?)
I'm very sensitive to trees. (Them falling on you?)
I'm very sensitive to all these things,
But I'm especially sensitive to bees. (Hey, I'm the bee!)
Yeah, I really really really like bees. (I really really think you're making this up as you go!)
Have you ever walked outside
And noticed that they're really pretty cute. ({Talking over Marzipan} And got run over by a big truck.)
They like to fly around and eat your fruit, (Oh, fruit and cute! Good rhyme!)
But it's okay 'cause they're cute! (Oh, cute and cute! That's even more advanced!)
Yeah, it's okay 'cause they're cute! (Cute, cute, and cute! You're the poet laureate of--)
Buzz! (-Oh! What!?)
Ouch. Buzz! (What're you doing!?)
Ouch. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Ouch. (Stop that!)
I've heard some people say, (You should really quit playing this song.)
That you can't count on a bee to pay (Oh! Well I will agree with that one. You got a good point there.)
And they won't look you in the eye.
{Strong Bad starts to sing along} And all they want to do is fly real high, (HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey guys!)
But you got to love them anyway! (What're you doing? Are you guys singing a song?)
I don't care what they say anymore,
{Homestar starts to sing along too} 'Cause I really really do love -bees! (HOMESTAR: -trees!)
MARZIPAN: All together now! / STRONG BAD: It's true. / HOMESTAR: Okay.
Yeah, I really really really like -bees! (HOMESTAR: -to play with trees! ...and ants.)

STRONG BAD: Alright, don't tell anybody I sang along with you.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: But you can tell them I did!
MARZIPAN: No thanks!