In StrongBadEmail/crazy cartoon, Strong Bad invents a character modeled after himself.

There's just one difference---Demo Strong Bad has an old [Casio VL-Tone] keyboard for a head. From the StrongBadEmail/crazy cartoon/TranScript:

STRONG BAD: I'd be in there too, but, my head would be an old keyboard, and when I get mad, it'd play the demo.

The song he plays at this point is "Unterlanders Heimweh", which is in fact the demo from the VL-Tone (full, tedious [mp3 available]).

Reviews of the VL-Tone:

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Oh, and tom, he has a name if you watch Crazy Cartoon at the end and click on the little orange thing on the computer. Now, save the "strong bad demo" one and look at the name of the file. --Agent9

Ah, yes of course. I see "sbcasio.gif". So I'm guessing the name that you are going to change next is the name of the Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Wheelchair to "bubschair" since the filename is "bubschair.gif". And it's not so much the changing of the page name that got to me. It's the way you did it. Look at the page you just copied here. Do you notice that it still calls the character "Demo Strong Bad"? And you didn't fix the other links to the page. Ugh. -- Tom