Where Strong Bad likes to play tennis with the Coach Z. He tends to win.

He tries to fly Bub's concession stand here after drinking a bottle of Soy Sauce in the Strong Bad Email Personal Favorites. He announces his intention to retire here after stealing the King of Town's crown in the toon, Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon.

Also the place you get sent, caused by the flavor of Fluffy Puff Air Puff Sugar Delights, as seen in the toon, Mr.Shmallow. -Sblaka

Where Strong Bad and The Cheat plan to retire with all the stuff they stole, in the Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon. -Sblaka

I added Acapulco to the reject place list thinking TBC made it up, but people were saying that it shouldn't be there since it's a real place, so I BALEETED it. Shouldn't The Moon be BALEETED since it's a real place, too? -Shopiom

No, because we actually SEE them on the moooooooon. We never see acapulco.

Also, the Moooooooooooon is presented here in a totally fictitious way. You might note that people do not actually play tennis in the open on the moon, nor travel to and from it on a rainbow. Also, if we include [Acapulco] , shall we also go through all of the Strong Bad Emails and list every town, state, and country referred to there? -TallAndMerciless