(bubble bubble bubble bubble) -Pom Pom

PomPom is a pom from The Isle of Pom. PomPom, like all poms, appears to be inflated. PomPom is Homestar's main man. His Dog. His Ace in the hole. Second Place. DING! He has helped him out of some pretty tough jams. (And pants. But that only happened once.) He is often on his cell phone talking to his many girlfriends. From their heads it looks like they're poms but from their body it looks like they're human. Maybe only the male poms appear to be inflated. He takes karate. He has a dog named Trivia Time (whose likeness appeared in Where's the Cheat? and Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon as a cookie jar -- see it here. He can submerge his cell into his body. It's cool. He likes the single duece and is four pounds. He also has some numbers if you want to call him:
Home- (123) 456-7890
Cell- (123) 555-8307
pgr- (718) 555-1059

Like The Cheat, PomPom does not speak in English. When he speaks, he makes noises like bubbles rising through water. Everyone, however, seems to understand him just fine.
You can access a short toon about The Isle of Pom from the Museum section: [Here it is.]

In his wallet, you find out his sex is Pom, he's 6'2", weighs 4 pounds, and he's an Organ Donor. He also has the famous Bruce Lee "watahhh!" [picture] on his wallet.

PomPom's Halloween costumes over the years include Stay-Puft, Michael Moore, the Kool-Aid Man, and Kamala the Ugandan Giant.

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Greeting from his Character Video

Page Title: The Most Mackinest!!

{PomPom is on his phone. Homestar interrupts periodically.}
Homestar: Herego PomPom. What's up, PomPom? Oh, sorry. PomPom is definitely the mac around here. And he's my best friend. He's gotten me out of some pretty tight jams. And some pretty tight pants. But that only happened once. Hey PomPom- oh right. I forgot already. He's probably talking to some fine honey on his celly. About to get her phone number. Or maybe he already has it. He gets digits like every single day. Isn't that right, PomPom? Oh, sorry again man. My bad. I wasn't trying to step to you or anything. We're still cool. PomPom and I are still cool.

[Watch his Character Tape]

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