The Origin of the Mysterious Stranger

It was a hot day, The Mysterious Stranger was walking throught the un-pioneered desert we call the internet. The M.S. rode his browser, on and on, carrying all of the things he could. Which were, a guitar, his W+C Peacemakers, and a Dell Stinkpad. When he ever settled down at a "boom-site", (boom-sites are sites that focus on one thing, other than their own sites, until they sucked the life out of that subject), some of the other surfers would agrivate him, which they suddenly would learn is not a good idea. The M.S. would challenge them for a shoot-out. The shoot out works like this. Whoever creates the most unwanted bandwidth wins. After the duel, this would all be taken off the site, and the loser is stripped of his user name, and can't contribute unless people want him/her to stay, which the winner had to oblige. But the loser, would be: thought less, made fun of, and lose prestige. The M.S. won all of the time. He would punch in certain leters, like so: c lkhsdfgvuljxdcvjhxgfjnv; and he would fill up whole pages that way. But the problem is, he would beat the favorite users, so he was shunned. He get back on his browser, and ride on. One day, he found H*, and he liked it. So, he wanted to know all about it. He went on a search engine and found the wiki. Since, he has been staying here, and he lives peacefully


Pretty stupid, huh?

Very creative story.- SBZ22

I have been known for telling good stories. I am writing a short storie called "That Foggy Night..." It is a bout a serial killer in Victorian London.

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