Strong Bad has such a cool room!! :)

To unlock this main page, go to Homestar Talker and make him say "Pom-Pom and Strong Bad are totally going out". Then you will get to Strong Bad Talker. Now make him say "But Homestar can win the stupid competition" and you willl get to this main page.

"Oh, check it out, this guy's guitar is totally talking."

"buda sita" is actually a spanish phrace like mamacita, but I can't figure out exactly what he's saying. It sounds almost like bellacita. -DeeDee.

could be "botecita" which is a Cuban dance usually done by a woman alone. - Mark

For the night drivers game, You can get 50,000 pts *OR* You can lose and then right click & press play. Also notice that SB's score is always one more than yours. also, zoom in to the tv when its not showing SB's score. Your score is there! The reason I'm saying this is because the clip is also in SB's room. You can also get to the main page by right-clicking and pressing play 4 times, on the H*R talker. Plus I don't think the cockroach is Gavin. If you zoom in, you can see.-Crap