Homestar is working in a Waffle House-style restaurant.

Page title: "Doing it right ways all the time...It's Homestar Runner!"

Regarding the above: I contend that the restaurant depicted is "Waffle House," A mostly southern-US chain similar to IHOP. From studying the menu available at, I think the line spoken at "Email" is "quarter-cheese-diced-scattered-smothered-covered." For further confirmation, compare the Waffle House logo to one of the wallpapers available at "Downloads." -Tim Harrod

The first time I heard it, I thought it was saying "Pork-Beef mustard-covered mustard-covered"

It's "quarter-cheese-plate-scattered-smothered-covered". -MaddKaze2.0

Did anyone notice that the characters bit (the drinks) is the same as the characters page on When you go to that, each character has a drink symbolising who they are kinda thing. Go to and go to characters to see what I'm going on about. - M.J

Well thats because Mellowmushroom was made by the Chapman bros.--I folk say