It's a Main Page based on video games, specifically the part making fun of the [Vectrex] video game system.

Page title: "Many Green Lines!"

We see a green, polygon-Homestar and in the background an outline of a mountain range;
Homestar always speaks with a computerized voice like the ones speech engines produce.

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It's possible the "drummer sound" is supposed to be walking. It sounds a lot like E.T.'s walking on the ATARI 2600 (I know, different system, but similar time period). --Xhad

When Homestar says "characters", his voice is normal. This is the only item on this menu where he uses his normal voice instead of the speech-synth voice. --furrykef

His voice is still synth-y on characters; it's just not as pronounced and probably harder to notice because of the other noise going on. --Xhad

Still sounds like his normal voice to me...might be playing at a lower sample rate but that's it --furrykef

What kind of sound system are you using? I'm on high-quality headphones...there is some synth-ness to it. Most notably in the "er" (as in "charactERs"). --Xhad

The StrongBadZone Strong Bad is a bit different than the original game- HomestarBall Z

The StrongBadzone Strong Bad is the one on the box for StrongBadZone. And characters sounds WAY different than normal. -Crap

It may just be coincidence, but the "drummer sound" is exactly in tune with a part of the song 'I am the Walrus' from The Beatles' album 'Magical Mystery Tour.' I refer specifically to the section that lasts from about the 3:30 mark to the end. -- runnerup