1936 Homestar and gang main page. It's in black-and-white and there's no voices -- instead, the words appear as silent movie dialogue cards.

Page title: "Old Timey Fun Timey!"

A little note: Parsnips-A-Plenty, his debut cartoon wasn't created yet. (I know this because Kick the Can is silent, and Parsnips-A-Plenty is not. Since this page is silent, it was probably made before Parsnips-A-Plenty) -CE5
If you go to downloads, and when the bomb is about to hit his head, hover the mouse over Store. The bomb will go thru the back of his head. (Lytneng Shok Productions)?

Strong Sad coming outta the tent in normal style may be a reference to Experimental Film. (Actually backwards because this came out before that toon. -Clever Dan