Hey! Glad to see you've caught on! Sorry if I freaked you out! ~ AgentSeethroo
s'ok well I would have never learned if you didnt teach me-Homestarball Z

Hello! Do you like Dragonball Z or something? I do. It's the best anime, in my humble opinion. Oh, man. I sould weird when I say "humble". -Majin Buu is Cool

You guys should check out "Naruto". It's way funny. ~ AgentSeethroo

ya naruto rocks! i read Shonen Jump which has Naruto. Rock Lee creeps me out -Homestarball Z

I asume ypur a boy because you like Shonen, I have like two issues of Shonen Jump..I kinda like Shaman King..but otherwise i'm all Shojo and Yu Watase is the best Manga-ka ever. TasteBaller

Your username is cool. Have a Logo. (drag it off if you can't see it)--bkmlb

The BEST Manga is FLCL and Hellsing!!!
Check those out, you won't find those in Shonen Jump though.
After college I plan to go to Japan and teach English. YAY! ~ AgentSeethroo

wow that's cool. I have Hellsing in manga and Fooly Cooly on DVD. I would learn Japanese but I'm already learning French for school. Tasteballer

Dear, Homestarball Z, you are being drafted into an
clan of assassins called the Red Assassins. Click here
for more info. Sincerly, CE1