Easter Eggs

Strong Bad isn't so strong after all. If he tried hard, which of the following could he lift?

a. an ounce c. a week
b. a weak d. pepper

Fun Facts

The nameplate on Strong Bad's desk says 'Prinicpal' instead of 'Principal', just like in the CGNU email.

a. Seicross
b. The Adventures of David Hasslehoff
c. Dokle II
d. Clu-Clu Land

a. Woodrow Roosevelt High
b. Disco Tech
c. Easy Living Candy Store
d. Canada

a. Dansk! what's that staunch
b. eat at bubs'!
c. take you shirt off!
d. wear a bikini!

a. Garfield
b. Pikachu
c. Heathcliff
d. Nermal

a. thirty-two
b. twenty-two
c. forty-two
d. tooty-two

a. The Ladies in My Town All Know My Name
b. You've got an Ugly and Stupid Butt
c. Why Must You Suck So Bad?
d. The Only Thing Wrong with You is Everything

a. 194,285
b. 285,194
c. a million
d. 2,167

a. Prance
b. Dortugal
c. Potamia
d. Bungary

a. The smell is too much
b. Creative differences
c. He thinks his voice sounds funny
d. He took a vow of silence

a. strudel
b. bon bons
c. tort
d. meringue

Warning: Answers Below! Do not look if you don't want the answers!

1. c. Dokle II
Found in Theme Song Video [See the video].

2. b. Disco Tech
This is the only answer you cannot find anywhere in the current version of the site. As the question itself states, it should be found in Bubs' biography, but when the new Characters page was created they failed to include this vital piece of information in Bubs' new bio. The old bio is still accessible, but you have to know the URL since there aren't any links to it anywhere on the site [See the page].

3. d. wear a bikini!
Found on the beach menu page when you hover over "Store" [See the page].

4. a. Garfield
Found in Homestarloween Party [See the video].

5. a. thirty-two
Found in The Luau [See the video].

6. c. Why Must You Suck So Bad?
Found in Strong Bad Sings [See the video].

7. b. 285,194
Found in A Jorb Well Done [See the video].

8. a. Prance
Found in the Hairstyle Runner game [Play the game].

9. d. He took a vow of silence
Originally found in the (Spin 'n Say)? game (accessible through the Museum) [Play the game]. It's also in The Poopsmith's video biography on the Characters page [See the video].

10. a. strudel
Found in MarzipansAnsweringMachine/Version 2, message 4 [See the video].