4-26-2004: Well, my money is in the bank and I am going to get the Strongbad Sings CD. If I get about 40 extra dollars, I'll get the Kick The Cheat plushie. Recently I've been singing Circles repeatedly to my friend. He gets annoyed! :)
Oh, man. You've got to check out my weird dream. Click here, if you dare.
4-27-2004: Well, my mom still didn't order my CD yet, but someday perhaps. My friend Macen isn't aloud on the internet because of an accidental bad website incident, so he can't watch Homestar Runner stuff. Poor guy. If only he was aloud in my house, I could show him the site. I'm sure he'd love it, but he's slow on some jokes.
5-5-2004: Yesterday I finally got my Strong Bad Sings CD! It is awesome! I totally recommend buying it, although it is a bit different from the original songs. The Cheat Is Not Dead and Circles were pretty awesome, and so was everything else. There are a few short songs, but they are funny.
5-27-2004: I've had bad luck with the internet recently. First, I was grounded for downloading music on Homestarrunner.com, then a storm on Mother's Day messed up the computer's motherboard and power supply. Mothers can do that to ya. (No offense, just a joke.)
6-2-2004: Anyone notice that I've got 3 new cats? My female cat had five kittens, but two died. That ups my amount of cats from 5 to 8.
6-17-2004: Well, my message board was obviously deleted because nobody posted for weeks. Well, there's one less link. Anyway, I've been playing Pokemon Crystal for a few days now. I have been using my Persian to collect cash with its Pay Day attack. I'm also selling tons of potions and repels to clear out my backpack and make room for apricorns.
6-24-2004: There's nothing for me to do except check out the wiki's updates. My TV is gone, so that ruins my chances of playing video games for a while. I have started an RPG on paper, but I can't balance the character-monster stats, like attack, defense, speed, accuracy...
6-25-2004: I'm homeschooled, so the evaluator comes today to see if I pass. Also, I've been wondering if some kind of robot was really the first e-mail. My dad's girlfriend's son's best friend thinks there were more before that. Can someone clarify?
6-26-2004: I passed 7th grade! Yay!
7-6-2004: I finally got a new TV, so I can play PS2.
7-15-2004: I go camping tomorrow.
7-19-2004: Camping was terrible. There were about 5 accidents in 10 minutes, and then another later. I left as soon as I could.
7-23-2004: In latest news, the RPG will continue shortly.
7-27-2004: Whoo! I finally beat Final Fantasy X-2!
7-31-2004: I continued the RPG a little bit. I also added that thing up top. I hope it doesn't sound conceited!
8-1-2004: I refaced my userspace once again, made to look like the main pages of Homestar Runner! Welcome to Hagurumon Version 3.0!