This is a list of some odd dreams I've been having. I think I might be psychic...take a look for yourself.

This was one of my first premonitions. It happened a few years ago...back in Mr. M's class at school. A few years afterward, I was in both Mr. M's class and Mrs. P's classes. Now, get this: before I was in Mrs. P's classroom, I saw her classroom. Here's how the dream went: I saw Mrs. P's class. In the front was a kid I knew. I'll call him J. J was wearing a sombrero, talking about being on a trip to Mexico or something. Now when I got to Mrs. P's class, it happened. J wore a sombrero and talked in front of the class.

Stairway to Death
One of my first Barney the Dinosaur nightmares. Not a premonition, just a nightmare. It was back in kindergarten or somewhere around there. I always carried a Barney doll with me. I loved Barney back then. However, I had a nightmare about him. A series, actually. Here's one: I was at my Nanny's house in the upstairs hallway when my Barney doll came to life and chased me. I tripped down the stairs, frightened. Since then, I've been afraid of dolls. :(

The Dead Doll
Another Barney dream. In the dream, I was walking with my dad under dead trees. (It must have been Fall.) I carried my Barney doll, and suddenly the twigs on the trees rained down on Barney, putting holes in him. This didn't scare me much, it was just...weird.

The Dead President
This was weird. In this dream, I saw a car radio and static. The radio announced that George Bush was dead. I forgot which one, and how he died. If this is a premonition, we're doomed.

Canadian Money
Before I was in Mr. M's class, I dreamt of being in his class, looking at Canadian money. Yep, it came true. We were doing social studies, so someone brought in money to look at.

Here was a more recent one. Last week, I dreamt about me, Mom and my stepdad. I saw a cop car. The cop talked to me and asked if I saw a yellow car, there was a kidnapper in town. I said no. After he left, I saw the yellow car. I saw the kidnapper-a middle-aged man with his hostage, some skinny blonde girl. They were talking to the neighbors. I grabbed a yardstick, Mom grabbed my hand shovel, and my stepdad grabbed one too. The yardstick was gone when I got outside, and the kidnapper had Mom's shovel. He threw it in the air, hoping it would land on me. Pretty dumb, I would've been out if he threw it directly forward. I dodged it with a little side-jump I've been practicing. It landed on the ground. I picked it up and picked up my stepdad's shovel. I said something like, "This is how it feels to be kidnapped," which was really stupid, because it was way worse. I'm sure. Then I threw both shovels. I tossed them both with a flick of my wrist. My stepdad's shovel missed, but Mom's shovel hit him dead in his neck. Then he died, giving me my new catchphrase, "I injured his life." Then I went inside and saw a news report about how the girl was kidnapped. The girl was laying on a sidewalk, and the guy rode in her direction on a motorcycle down the road. Without stopping, he grabbed the girl's arm and pulled her away. One thing I don't get: if he kidnapped her on a motorcycle, how'd the cops know he had a yellow car? In the dream, I called Nanny and told her I killed the kidnapper. Then I called the police. I was put on hold, and the dream ended. In the immortal words of my aunt's best friend, "Typical, huh?"

Mystery Boy
The other night I dreamt about just me playing with my friend Macen an another kid that I can't quite figure out. I'm not sure of what happened, but that mysterious kid was acting really weird. I remember before that dream, I thought a lot about some friends that I haven't seen for a while.

One Bad Dog...Or Maybe Two
This was NOT a dream. It was Thursday, and my aunt went on vacation, leaving me and my mom to feed her dogs. The next morning, I somehow had gotten two cuts on my arm and leg, the same shape and size. I went down to my grandmother's house and got a red Guzzler to drink. Somehow, it leaked on my hand and when I saw it, I thought it was blood. Later that day, me and Mom went to feed my aunt's dogs. The two females were supposed to be separated. I had the St. Bernard on a leash, but the rotweiler was free. The rotweiler soon started a fight and they ripped eachother up. A kid across the street came to watch. Mom tried to separate them, but was bitten on her right hand and was bleeding badly. We later found out that it was infected. It was a mess, believe me.

It's REAL!!!!
This dream was weird. I was eating lunch with a social worker, and she said something about the Nick Team not being real. First off, I'm a member of the Nick Team, a very popular club, according to everyone in my room. (Population: me.) When the s.w. said it wasn't real, I immediately threw a tantrum and screamed away.

I'm Gonna Die?
This dream scared me. Me, Mom and my stepdad were at the park and my stepdad wanted to die, so he buried himself underground. The weird thing is, the grass was never damaged. Mom then wanted to die. I wondered what I had to do to stay alive, an some old lady said to me, "The Nick Team isn't real". Which isn't even an answer.

I had crutches on, strangely. Then I tried to enter a shiny, blue building that seemed to be a tax collection place. Then my dad's girlfriend walked in before me. Some woman then opened the door for me, and I was pretty embarrased.

Me, my friend, my aunt and my aunt's friend drove to a hardware store in this dream. On the way back home, we stopped at someone's yard to play. Then I returned and my stepdad said I was late for dinner. He then chased me with a powerdrill. I knew my safehaven: my grandmother's house. I ran down the street, and my stepdad followed me on horseback. I knew he would catch me, so I hid behind some houses first. He then chased my friend down to my safehaven. When he got there, I wasn't there. I peeked out from the house and saw him headed back up home, so when he was gone, I crossed the street and reached my safehaven! Then the dream ended. In real life, I ran away from home 3 times after the dream.

Days Of Our Afterlives
I had a series of two Days Of Our Lives dreams this month. The first involved me in the army, and my mission was a bit different from your average mission...Anyway, near the end, I sat at a table and ate dinner with some of the Days characters. The ones easiest for me to remember were Abe Carver and Maggie Horton. A few days later (no pun intended) I had another dream...or dreams. I think it was two, actually. The first? Well, for some reason, I thought it was real life going on. I got a phone call from another days character, Shawn Douglas Brady. Now, I thought it was really him. I tracked him down and found him to live...nextdoor. I saw three kids playing ball. I guess one was supposed to be him. Anyways, the final dream so far involved me as a teenager (which I'll be in about 3 months), some demented little kid, and two Days characters. Those characters? Shawn again, plus his girlfriend, Belle Black. The dream started out fine, with the four of us eating dinner and talking. However, when everyone went home, something went horribly wrong. Out the window was many policeman digging up something. They even had that yellow tape stuff around there. Then Shawn called. He seemed very upset. I knew exactly what happened: Belle was dead. I pretended not to know, though. Shawn told me to look in some book, probably a photo album. A page was missing, and it was probably a page with pictures of Belle on them, meaning someone killed her. The strange thing...I knew who it was. It was that mysterious, psycho kid. But what was his motive? Anyway, from special clues, I take it that he hated Belle, so ripped out her pictures. Then, he went after his target. And then I knew what the police were digging up. I was shocked, you know, not physically electrocuted, but... Then I tried to cheer Shawn up, but he didn't reply. I then talked longer and the dream ended. When I woke up, I thought about it for a long time. I realized that Belle wouldn't have actually died either way, because Days is having some storyline where dead people come back to life and are transported to an island in the tropics.
Update! A few weeks later, the person who played Belle Black on Days was replaced.

''Bombed Beach'
This is old. I forgot about it until now. Basically, people were on a beach and some man bombed it. Luckily, no one was harmed. Some anchorwoman set a trap for him. Knowing he wanted to bomb people, she purposely walked around the trash-ridden beaches. The man came back and tried to bomb again. I then confronted him and he pulled out a gun. Suddenly, I was able to control my mind, so I quickly imagined a force field. So, a force field deflected the bullets and saved me. This was the only dream in which I could control my thoughts.

20X6 The Cheat
A few weeks ago, I actually saw 20X6 The Cheat before he came out in the new games menu. I thought I was just dreaming about a female The Cheat, so I didn't bother to think it was coming in the future. I think I also saw 20X6 Coach Z.