Okay, I totally made an interesting way to pass time. Remember the Experiment from FFX-2? Well, this is close enough. The easiest way to play this game is to keep track of all your assembly parts that you dig up in the dig. Here's a list of how many points each part gives you.

If the type is... You'll get...
A 1 point.
S 3
Z 5

Then, your Experiment's level system is like so:
If you have... Its level is...
0-3 points. 1
4-9 2
10-19 3
20-37 4
38+ 5

This info also applies to the FFX-2 Experiment. I think the Machine Faction is awesome, and would join them if the game was real. Anyway, refer to the dig to learn how to play my version of the digging game. Post your questions and comments about FFX-2's Experiment or Machine Faction or whatever below.

FFX-2 Section