Thisis an interesting game to pass your time with. All you need is a pencil, paper and a die (singular for dice). NOTE: You must use a pencil to change your stuff.

Mind that this idea came from Final Fantasy X-2. Here's how to set up your character page. On one paper, probably lined, write your name at the top. Then on the second line write "Current salary:" and then IN PENCIL next to it write 100, because this is your starting salary. Do the same on the next line, but write "Total money:" and you start with 0. Then, make a line for the excavations you've completed. Note that every 5 excavations, you can raise your salary by 10, 25 or whatever. The maximum salary is 850. Next, decide whether you want to make an Experiment or not. If so, write "Parts Catalogue" on the next line and underline. On the nine lines under that, write "Attack A, Attack S, Attack Z", and the same only insead of attack it will be defend and special. This will keep track of your machine parts.

Setting up the digging locations are not hard at all. Start with one location first. Give it a name if you want. Let's use Western Expanse in my example, okay? So, I put Western Expanse at the top of a new paper, to tell my places apart. On the lines, we'll write the numbers 1 to 6 on each line. Then make up categories of items, such as Recovery, Machine Parts, or maybe even Grenades. List them all down there. Then, make sub-categories and use the 1-6 numbers for those, too. Let's say a Potion falls under Recovery, then HP Recovery. Also assume that Silence Grenade falls under Grenades, then Special Grenades or something. The numbers 1-6 are the numbers rolled on your die when playing, so if you only want two sub-categories under Grenade, it would instead look like this:
1, 2 or 3 Regular
4, 5 or 6 Special"
Or, if you wanted three sub-categories:
1 or 2 Single Target
3 or 4 Special
5 or 6 Multi-Target"
Keep in mind that it is rarest to roll a 1 or 6 due to how a die is setup, so rarer items could become rare easily.

Anywho, after sub-categories and the actual items, make a list somewhere on your character page to keep track of your items that you dig up in the actual game. Here's how to set up machine parts if you do the optional thing:
"Machine Parts
1 or 2 Attack
3 or 4 Defend
5 or 6 Special
2 or 3 Type A
4 or 5 Type S
1 or 6 Type Z"
Do that with the other part types, too. When you dig up a part, 1 excavation ends, so you want parts to be a semi-rare item. Note how Z-type parts are more rare than the others. That's because Z types are worth 5 points on your Experiment's corresponding attribute. Take time to read the Experiment section if needed.

After getting more experience, try making your own rules or items, maybe even an Experiment battle thing where you can use your machine in fights or something.

How to Dig
Finally! Setup is over! First, to dig, roll your die. Then find that number on your location page. Then roll again to find your sub-category, then for your actual item. Mark items down on your character page. The dig ends only when you find a Machine Part, or some other treasure if you're not doing that. After an excavation, you recieve your salary of 100, which can be raised after 5 excavations. Keep track of how many times you excavate. The max salary is 850, just to tell you. Anyway, you decide what to do with items and money. Go ahead, have fun!