This is The King of Town's Interactive Special. This is the kind of adventure in which the readers carry on writing from each others work, and would like to thank lue of sky for the idea. May I remind everyone not to delete anyone elses work, and to not have two people working on the same answer. In this you play as The King of Town. Good luck.

start. You wake up on the sofa at 12:01 pm. You remember getting drunk
the night before and having a go at The Poopsmith. Should you
apologise or avoid him:

a. apologise
b. tidy up
c. have another go at him

a. You choose to apologise to him. You go outside where he
should be shoveling poop. He's not there. Where do you look?

d. the blacksmith
e. the kitchen
f. the church

e. You go to the kitchen and realize that you came just
in time, as you see that The Little Chef Guy has tied The Poopsmith
to the kitchen table, and is about to cut him in half for dinner!!
You must act quickly! What will you do?

g. save the Poopsmith from the chef
h. ask the chef what he's doing
i. apologise to the Poopsmith
j. wait for the chef to kill the poopsmith