--You have got to be kidding me. Fine. Enjoy your site. I was only trying to help by correcting incorrect information, but it isn't important enough to me to go and look up a linguist for something is mundane as this. - bahua in KC

Sorry, bahua, I really didn't mean to offend you. It's just that a lot of people identify Coach Z's accent as Minnesotan/Wisconsonian, and I'd never heard of it as being from Chicago until you changed it. So I put "perhaps Chicago", until more people can support your theory. If you really feel strongly about it, but not strongly enough to look up a linguist, then try starting a WikiPoll? and the Minnesotan reference can be 733737ed with a clear conscience. - "Douglas"

-- Chicago, Minnesota, and Wisconsin accents are all variants on U.S. Midwestern. Chicago accent can be heard (exaggerated) in the Saturday Night Live sketches of the "Da Bears" fans. Minnesota accent can be heard in the movie "Fargo". Wisconsin is a lot like Minnesota, only a bit more nasal, harsher. All three accents share major elements, which usually means non-natives to those areas would have a hard time telling them apart outside of regionally-specific idioms (like the Minnesotan "Yah.") As I was the one who qualified the entry "he has a strong accent" with "Midwestern/Minnesota" to begin with, I suggest we just make it "Midwestern" because that, at least, is accurate. Which I have done. -- Trenchcoat

can you put the sb emails that he was in too

Woah. English Lesson, dude. - FireBird

Just did it. - "Douglas"

Interesing factiod: I live in Georgia, about an hour away from where the Brothers Chaps live. The health teacher at my middle school was refered to as Coach Z. The man and the character are almost identical. Same accent, same thinks-he's-cool-but-he's-really-not reputation, and the real Coach Z always wears sweatpants hiked up to his ribcage, so it looks like he's wearing a one-piece suit. My friends and I are convinced that the character is based on him. ~"(kittyteeroo)?"

I think he sounds kind of like [John Ratzenberger], and nothing like the characters from [Fargo] or [Dexter's Mom], or anyone I know of personally who lived in Minnesota.
If I knew any linguists they would stop talking to me after I'd bugged them about 3 or 4 bits of trivia like this :)
MetaStar [MetaStar's Fan page]

You guys are all wrong. It's a Boston accent. Just watch "Good Will Hunting".

This Massachusetts resident says no, it is most definitely not a Boston accent. In fact, it's almost the complete opposite of a Boston accent. Bostonians are known for not pronouncing Rs ("pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd"), while Coach Z is known for pronouncing far too many.