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1. CE1 will take the role of Homestar.
2. Nelson339 will take the role of Strong Bad.
3. No one will take the role of Strong Sad.
4. (Empty) will take the role of Marzipan.

hsblink1.gif Strong Mad has gone mad with power! I must stop him!
cpu.png You-you're Homestar?
hsblink1.gif Yes, I'm on a journey!
cpu.png I heard someone's attacking the computer room!
hsblink1.gif Thanks!
("Computer Room" has been added to the map.)
hsblink1.gif Now I shall go there!
{Homestar goes to the Computer Room.}
hsblink1.gif Hello?
hsblink1.gif This places looks pretty nasty.
sbIM1.gif Homestar?
hsblink1.gif It's the Strong Bad!
(Fight Scene)
hsblink1.gif Take this, Strong Bad!
20 Damage!

28 Damage!
hsblink1.gif Why are you fighting me?
sbIM1.gif Because you're forcing my brother to do your bidding!
hsblink1.gif That's not me!
sbIM1.gif Yeah, now that I think of it...you're not smart enough.
sbIM1.gif Do you want my help? I mean...
sbIM1.gif I'm just offering because my brother's gone berserk...
''(Strong Bad and Homestar walk back to town, very tired.)
sbIM1.gif Man, I need an inn...
cpu.png You can sleep at my inn, heroes! For free!
sbIM1.gif Free? Sounds good, eh Homestar.
hsblink1.gif Okay!
cpu.png Strong Bad!
sbIM1.gif What?
cpu.png Ah, hero Strong Bad, the rumor is people are attacking Greenseld.
("Greenseld" has been added to the map)
cpu.png Someone is also attacking the Very Violent Forest.
("Very Violent Forest" has been added to the map)
sbIM1.gif That means will have to split up, Homestar.
hsblink1.gif I'll go to Greensweld.
sbIM1.gif NO! I'll decide who goes where!
hsblink1.gif Okay!
sbIM1.gif You go to Greensweld, I'll go to the VVF.
hsblink1.gif Okay!
{Starts walking to Greensweld.}
hsblink1.gif Greensweld. I wonder if the place looks like "Witch's Brew.
hsblink1.gif Uh-Oh!
(Fight Scene)
28 Damage!
Bad Graphics Ghost defeated!

hsblink1.gif That'll teach you to...um...okay...yeah.
{Homestar goes to the gates of Greensweld.}
hsblink1.gif What happened here?
un,gur,and.aits.png Yaa! I'm Un, the first member on The Unguraits! DIE!
(Battle Scene)
30 Damage!
Enemy Knocked out! Bonus turn!

28 Damage!

un,gur,and.aits.png Ouch! Spell!
{Un dissapears, but then Strong Sad comes out from behind the rock.)
ssIM1.gif Hi...I'm Strong Sad...You don't want me on your team, do you?
hsblink1.gif Well, I decided that you shouldn't join the team.
ssIM1.gif I knew it...no one likes me. {sigh.}
~~Meanwhile, in The Very Violent Forest...~~
sbIM1.gif Oh, Crappy Bo-o-oy!
marzyIM.gif Hey, Strong Bad.
sbIM1.gif Marzipan! I knew you couldn't resist me!
marzyIM.gif What are you talking about? I don't like you.
un,gur,and.aits.png Yaa! I'm Gur, the second member on The Unguraits! DIE!
sbIM1.gif Gimme out Marzipan!
marzyIM.gif Fine. But you have to stop saying crap.
sbIM1.gif GET ME DOWN!
marzyIM.gif Okay.
{Strong Bad smashes Gur's face and makes a big dent in it.}
un,gur,and.aits.png Ouchies! I mean, no...

un,gur,and.aits.png Ouch! Spell!