pyromaniac.png Pyromaniac - CE1
Flamethrower x1Rocket Suit
Fire Grenade x5Clan Leader

ninja_master.png Ninja Master - Homestarball Z
Katana x1Black Tunic
Shuriken x22nd Command

ninja_master.png Ninja - (Vacant)
Dagger x1Black Vest
Poison Dart x0

spy.png Spy - DeLoreanz1
Poison Juice x0Jump Suit
Dagger x1Stealth Force OwnerBlacksmith's Helper

elite_infantry.png Elite Soldier - kingofhomsaria
Naginata x1Spider Silk Suit
Bo x1
Hooded Katar x2

researcher.png Researcher - fhq
Laser x1Lab Coat
Suicide Bomb x20Science Lab Owner
Smoke Emmiter x0

geologist.png Geologist - strongbadsboss
Poison x0Buffalo Vest
Medicinal Plant x0
Tracker x1

engineer.png Engineer - Kupo
S.I.R. x1Mech
Factory Owner

infantry.png Soldier - Da Bee
Shotgun x1Vest
Grenade x3

infantry.png Soldier - Hagurumon
Shotgun x1Vest
Grenade x3

P.S.-Ranks with weapons already come with a weapon.

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