!llabrewop eht now I kniht I

HaaHhaaahHhhhaaahaahHH iaMsoWeirD

can ne1 undrstnd tis?? i m using chtspk. lol tis is so fun! i shud doo tis moor ofen. r mA-b not.

My name is QWERTYUIOP!! You will adress me as QWERTYUIOP!

My best friend's name is ASDFGHJKL! He will be adressed as ASDFHGJKL!!

The first person who can tell me what my little gooey thing's (its some kinda pet i made up) name is gets a little gooey thing of their own.

I can understand the second and third lines. Want me to tell you? DeLoreanz1

I know already...I made the dang thing.
--Suprised by your lack of common sense {no offense and i'm just kidding}, Agent Nine

I realize you made it, but I just wanna let you know that I know. Wanna hear what I think was the intended question. Do you wanna hear it? DeLoreanz1



Hahahahahaha (incessant laughing) I am so weird. Laugh Out Loud this is so fun.

Can anyone understand this? I am using CheatSpeak. I should do this more often. Or maybe not.

It was chatspeak not cheatspeak. --AgentNine

I was close. DeLoreanz1

I know. --AgentNine

I have a few guesses of the gooey guy's name: Smittywerbenjeggermanjensen, Globby, Glob, Lucy, Lloyd, Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Hobbaloofoo, John Defgrewqasd, abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, The person who likes to do stuff and has to go to the bathroom, or, um...Lionel Richie. -Shopiom, who probably didn't even get close

More like "Shopiom who DIDN'T even get close". lol. --AgentNine

Hmmm, I wonder what its name is. I wanna know so bad! -Shopiom

Funny... --AgentNine

Little gooey guy=The lost row! ZXCVBNM! - CE1

You are correct! AgentNine told me what its name was over AIM. Boy, you're smart! Please present CE1's prize, AgentNine. -Shopiom

ShopiOm, I think AgentNine, is Gone. Exists no longer. Left the wiki to battleon.com, or maybe runescape.com. Who knows where he is now? - CE1

Who knows? He might be working on his wiki! At least I hope so. -Shopiom