Your missions go up here.

Get rid of Stevebad's army before it becomes a threat!

It's me Agent9 but I'm at Derrian's house so I'm just setting some missions since I see we're haveing some problems. --Agent9

Soldiers, keep checking to see if Stevebad has made his army yet. --Still over at Derrian's, Agent9

Commandos, find people to join the Homestarmy. --Still here

Captains, (that means me, Metastar, and CE5, just relax... --Still here guys...

Commandos and Captains! Help me take some weapons over to tank!(That means post it on their transport board)--Major General Agent9

Current army of Stevebad: Stevebad,(duh) Strongrad, 2nd rate golfball, empty beer can, and rope. -Shotgun Shopiom

I think we should get stevebad's army of CRAP out of this here wiki

Strongrad is not in my army. He volunteered not. Why do you always associate him with me when I give you no evidence that I've even talked to him in the past 20 days? -The constant victim of wrong assumptions, Stevebad