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as you can see, we've had our eyes on you for some time, Mr. Anderson.
it seems you have been living two lives. in one, you are a hot dog man. it the other, you sell potatoes.
one of these lives has a future, Mr. Anderson, and the other does not.
the question is, which one?

tell me if you have an answer!


POTATOES! POTATOES! Maybe he should just start selling popcorn.
By the way, this was genuinely funny. Good jorb, PPOTR. ~ AgentSeethroo

Shouldn't this be "pianistontheroof"? -- ij

Ja, du är verkligen från Sverige (it means: yes, you're really from Sweden). -Maudi Algabban

You're pianoplayerontheroof from Sweden, eh? -Maudi Algabban