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Mon, 26 Apr 2004 19:55:30 . . . . cybersurfer360 [4/26/04]

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Hey everyone. I'm pretty new to the wikki, but I've tried to be useful. I wrote up a transcript for the Halloween Carve-nival when I noticed we didn't have one, and I put in an extra referance to Sir Strong Bad in his page. Pretty good for only being here a few days, eh? I'll try to make sure I keep adding useful stuff. Later.

Hey There and welcome to the Wiki! I'm MelonadeLuvr. If you have any H*R related pics, feel free to put them on my page. I have a part in my page to put pics on, so post pics to your hearts content. You're always welcome at my page! --MelonadeLuvr


Just tried out for the KOT emails. check out my sample email. Interesting little theory on the crap of the poopsmith. Hope I get the job.