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These two kids (A boy and a girl) appear in commercials for Fluffy Puff Marshmallows, and only ever say the words "Huh," "What," and "weird". They also appear in the background of the Malloween Commercial, dressed up as The King Of Town and a witch. They also appear in StrongBadEmail/monster truck.

Debut: Homestarloween Party

== Complete Filmography ==
Homestarloween Party
Malloween Commercial
StrongBadEmail/monster truck

They're also in the first Homestar halloween story, and in the fluffy puff sugar delights. It turns out that these two kids were made by Strong Sad. He tells a sad story about them during Flashlight Ghost Story Telling With A Flashlight - Visor Robot had a brain stolen from a kindly old man, and the kids were his children. He realises they're his children and cries, but this shorts him out and he falls down on the kids and The Goblin. None of them live. Everyone is very upset by this story.
These kids are not only made by Strong Sad, they RESEMBLE him! -Lord Karkon
They seem to be "Want" and "Ignorance" from "A Christmas Carol," by Charles Dickens. "Want" and "Ignorance" are two pitiful little children revealed to Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Present. The Brothers C have adapted the Victorian illustration style in their presentation here. The wretchedness of these two literary figures is perfect for their debut as the children of a disembodied brain. Once created for Strong Sad's Halloween story, it seems that the Brothers C have used them again wherever they have felt the whim. -TallAndMerciless
I think they resemble Wednesday and Pugsly from "The Addams Family", but I like TAM's analogy better!