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The 1936 version of The Cheat. He has a rodent-like physique and he never deigns to speak.

Little known fact: The Sneak is yellow, but he's in greyscale, so you can't tell. Of all the 1936 characters, The Sneak is the one that looks the least like his regular-world counterpart.

According to an Easter Egg in StrongBadEmail/2 emails, The Sneak communicates by moving his nose up and down.

== Complete Filmography ==
Parsnips-A-Plenty (Debut)
Ballad Of The Sneak
Mr.Shmallow (Easter Egg)
StrongBadEmail/little animal (Easter Egg)
StrongBadEmail/50 emails (Easter Egg)
StrongBadEmail/2 emails (Easter Egg)