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== Easter Eggs ==
*Wait a little while after "the end" and see a luau main page.

== Fun Facts ==
*Strong Bad's invitation says "Your invited", misspelling "you're". Odd to see, coming from someone who is always correcting/insulting bad grammar and spelling.
*One of the phrases of "Polynesian prose" that Strong Sad recites -- while Homestar is dozing off by the fire -- is "Kahlua and Creme".
*The tune Marzipan is playing on the ukelele is the song "Thoughts on a Bird" from the game 'Audition with Marzipan'
*You can access the Spin n' Say from the luau main page.
*At one point, Strong Sad begins to say "Meka Leka Hi Meka Heiny Ho" while reading the poetry. This is what Jambi on Peewee's Playhouse used as his magic words.
*When you first see Strong Sad standing next to the fire, in the background, you see the lights across the fence somehow seem to just stop from where scene view would have ended. -Sblaka