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=== Easter Eggs ===
*At the end, click on Poopsmith for a The Poopsmith trading card.

=== Fun Facts ===
*A scorpian goes into Homsar's mouth when he is buried.

*The record that Strong Bad breaks on people's heads reads "Everybody to the Limit". It is gold, which means it sold a lot of copies.

*Strong Mad's only weakness appears to be his knees.

*The file name for the .swf for this StrongBadEmail has an "x" after the number. The .swf without the "x" is still viewable, but with a few minor differences. The music stops early, and some things are missing from some scenes that are in the version with the "x".

*There seems to be a strong hint to the WWF/WWE (World Wrestling). WWE's Vince MacMahon constantly speaks about "giving the fans what they want" whenever unleashing gratuitous violence & lewdness on his show.
*Can we get a reference link for this?