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== Easter Eggs ==
*When Strong Bad says "Butt's Twelve by Pies," click the screen to see a playbill for a play with the same name, directed by Homsar.
*Click the Cheatcake at the end to see a box of The Cheatcakes and a jingle. You can keep closing the box and clicking the Cheatcake to make a round.

== Fun Facts ==
*The jingle goes: "Only liars and thieves eat Grumblecakes, and those people go to prison. Just ask the cheat. {The Cheat noises}"
*To me, the jingle sounds very similar to the demo that Strong Bad's keyboard head plays in Sweet Cuppin' Cakes. -Fishie
*Homestar Runner says "Intellivision" instead of "intelligent" in this one. Intellivision was a competitor to the Atari 2600, which is frequently parodied in emails and toons alike.
*After Strong Bad gives Homestar Runner the test tube, glasses and lab coat, Homestar Runner appears to be using the test tube as a microphone. When he talks, he holds it up to his mouth. When Strong Bad talks, he holds it out to Strong Bad's mouth...weird...