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#You can click on "really hungry and tired" to see a "LEM" (Lem Sportsinterviews) styled cartoon of, well, them being really hungry and tired.
#You can also click on "application" to see their mascot application, GO DUMPLES!!!
#At the very end after the fightsong plays, you can mouse-over the notes to play them!
=== Lyrics to the CGNU Fightsong, sung by Strong Bad ===
:Fighting and sometimes striving
:Wondering what the Dumple is
:Excellence and what is valor?
:And The Cheat will hit stuff with a golf club

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {in the dumples costume} Me?

=== Tones for the CGNU Fightsong: ===
:C A F G F D A# G G G F E F G
:C A F G F D A# G G G F E F
You could probably make a mobile phone ringtone out of this... I'm gonna try :)
-I did that a while ago. It works, In a way in you program in stops. Then I got a new phone that didn't have a composer...*sigh* Ahh-I wrote it down to help remember it! I forget what type of phone I had...Nokia something something...Give it a go.

4c1 4a1 4- 4f1 4g1 4f1 4d1 4#a1 4- 4g1 4g1
32- 4g1 4f1 4e1 4f1 4g1 1- 4c1 4a1 4- 4f1
4g1 4f1 4d1 4#a1 4- 4g1 4g1 32- 4g1 4f1
431 4f1 1-
You can play the Trogdor drawing tune too! (thanks to burning horizon's S.B. email secrets) It goes: C D E F A A A C D E F A A A F E D

=== Fun Facts ===
In the pile of old electronics there is a Nintendo Entertainment System.

The charicature of SB, SM, and The Cheat being hungry and tired may be a reference to Lookin' At a Thing In a Bag.