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== Easter Eggs ==
*Click on the words "Larry, legend" to see a screen shot of the game "Jordan vs. Bird: One-on-One" for the NES.
*At the end, click on the word "Bubs" to see what became of Strong Bad's effort to flood the concession stand.
*At the end, click on the word "liar" to see Bubs' power in action.
*Wait around at the end to see Strong Bad answer another email.

=== Fun Facts ===
*The author seems to be refferencing the end of No Loafing.
*The "Larry, legend" easter egg refers to Larry Bird, a former basketball player for the Boston Celtics. He was one of the greatest NBA players ever, and is often referred to as "Larry Legend" by his fans.
*When The Cheat is next to Strong Bad's computer, it reads:
:Kickin' Recipes For
:Duck A L'Orange

:-1 orange duck
:-2 oranges
:-3 frenchies
:-4 ovens
:-5 heats
:-6 coupons

:Go to Captain D's
:Order the Snow C
:Tell your friends
:really Duck A L'
:It'll work!

*Getting Bubs to say his name backwards sounds like a spoof of a Superman comic in which Superman must get Mr. Mxyzptlk to say his name backwards to get him to go away.
*The Cheat's drink when he is lounging says "Coldson lite". This is a reference to the email labor day.
*When The Cheat is lounging, he has the same expression on his face and is in the same position he had in privileges.
*In the background when The Cheat is lounging, you hear The Brothers Chaps' version of Aloha 'Oe, the familiar Hawaiian tune.
*Bubs' levitation easter egg is probably a reference to popular "street magician" David Blaine, whose most famous trick is levitating a few inches off the ground, in broad daylight. Real or not, it's pretty cool to see.