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=== Easter Eggs ===

*At the end of the e-mail, click on the various pictures on the right side of Strong Bad's science project board to see some really cool cars.
*Click on the folder full of papers on the left side to see Strong Bad's, erm, original project.
*After you've checked out those, roll your mouse on the right side of the screen to find an arrow. If you click the arrow, you'll see Homestar Runner's project.
*Click on the nasty melted puddle and you'll see (and probably hear) Homestar explain his project.

=== Fun Facts ===
*Sanka is decaffeinated coffee.

*When reading 'TN' Strong Bad says 'Tekken' instead of 'Tennessee'. Tekken is a popular fighting video game by NAMCO.

*Strong Bad says "coming in at 91" at the beginning of the email. In the email "flashback", he says he lost count of his emails somewhere around #51.