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Stinkoman is Strong Bad as an japanese cartoon. He is basically a random hodge-podge of anime stereotypes, mostly awkwardly dubbed shonen, although other anime such as Akira and Sailor Moon have been referenced. The name "Stinkoman" first appeared in a somewhat unrelated usage in StrongBadEmail/island, but the character itself first debuted in StrongBadEmail/japanese cartoon, where a writer asked Strong Bad what he would look like if he were a japanese cartoon.

On the "Toons" menu (http://homestarrunner.com/toons.html), he's referred to as "Stinkoman K."

Halloween costumes over the years: Speed Racer

=== Complete filmography: ===
StrongBadEmail/japanese cartoon (debut)
Main Pages/MainPage 17
20x6 vs. 1936
MarzipansAnsweringMachine/Version 8
Three Times Halloween Funjob (easter egg)
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When he says, "What are yo talking about", its a referance to email #59