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Mon, 31 May 2004 13:56:45 . . . . Tom [Fixed.]

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Hi, Im Sneak_Addict, And I LOVE The Cheat and The Sneak!

Pretty Much, The Sneak is cool. Yep, he IS cool. Sneak Plushies.... I wish dey were around.

Some Random The Sneak info:
* Always refered to as THE Sneak (Just like The Cheat, DUH.)dancing_the_sneak_anim.gif
* He has these "Fangs" (they show up when he's The Dapper Swindler, too) dancing_the_sneak_anim.gif
* He cannot speak, but he wiggles his nose around, instead. dancing_the_sneak_anim.gif
* He is cute (too obious) dancing_the_sneak_anim.gif

I'll add more to that list later! Bye!

Sorry princessofstrongbadia, but THAT PICTURE JUST WONT SEND!!!!!!!! BAH!

Help! HELP! I put my picture in FanArt? but it won't load! HELP!!

OH NO!!!!!!!! -bah. Life sucks. nothing goes right. SB and you still rock! -Sneak_Addict